2018 NASA National Championships

Event Regulations Version 1.2


1. This event is held in accordance with the NASA CCR and Class Rules as posted under the Rules section of the www.nasaproracing.com website.

2. Rules set forth by these Regulations are NOT PROTESTABLE or APPEALABLE.

  1. All rules, procedures, formats, defined or announced during drivers meeting(s) supersede these rules, the CCR, and all other applicable rules.

3. Driver Meetings

  1. Race Drivers Meeting will take place on Thursday, September 13th at 6:00 pm. Location: COTA Media Center, is required by the driver or their delegate.
  2. There will be an automatic penalty of being moved to last starting position for the qualifying race for missing the Drivers Meeting.
  3. Time Trial Drivers Meeting will take place on Friday, September 14th at 3:20pm where all TT drivers are required to turn in their hard copy TT Car Classification Forms and Dyno paperwork. Location: Driver’s Lounge next door to Driver Info.  Attendance is required by the driver! All TT drivers should check the top of the Event Schedule for additional mandatory meeting times.  NOTE* Friday warm up will be used to set the grid for Saturday Round 1.

4. Eligible Classes/Race Groupings

NOTE: Race groupings are subject to entries. Groups will be set as entries dictate. Our intent is outlined below but may change as needed. Start Type TBD and announced by Race Directors.

  1. Group A : SM *See details for the Toyo Classic for information on the two groups.
  2. Group B : SU, NP01, ST1, ST2, AIX
  3. Group C : AI, CMC, SE46
  4. Group D : 944 Spec, Spec E30
  5. Group E : GTS3, GTS4, ST3, ST4
  6. Group F : H1, H2, H4, Spec Z, ST5, TR
  7. Group G :GTS1, GTS2, PTD, PTE, Legends (Sat & Sun SM DEUX)
  8. Group H : Time Trial

5. Eligibility

  1. The requirements set forth below must be met in their entirety.
  2. Race class competitors must start and score points in five (5) races in a nationally recognized series. Any number of races in any class and any region will qualify as credit. Participation in Time Trial will be limited to a maximum of 2 credits towards race class qualification. Endurance events less than 6 hours will count as 1 race credit for the team. Endurance events more than 6 hours will count as 2 race credits for both the drivers of the team.
  3. Drivers may participate in any racing class at the Championships, regardless of class(s) run to qualify (racers may not participate in TT unless qualified per TT rules).
  4. Once the above qualification requirements are met, a competitor may enter as many classes as they wish.
  5. Time Trial competitors must meet qualification requirements in 2018 TT rules.
  6. Teams may enter the event. Both drivers must INDIVIDUALLY meet the Championships race participation requirement. It will be up to teams to prove both drivers have individually participated in enough races if they drive as a team during the season as outlined in the CCR Section 22.4.
  7. Any driver that qualifies for the Championships as part of a team may enter any class(s) but as an individual.
  8. If competitors enter as a Team, both drivers do not have to be present at the event, but the Championship result will be scored in the Team name.
  9. NASA Management/Promoter reserves the right to invite competitors that do not fit within these guidelines.
  10. Each class must have at least 4 entries by midnight (PST), September 1, 2018 in order to be defined as a “Championship Race”.
  11. Those drivers that enter an undersubscribed class will be given notice and given a full refund or offered the opportunity to compete in another class where their vehicle can be classified.

6. Registration/Entry Fees/Entering the National Championships


Hours: View Weekend Schedule online  https://nasachampionships.com/


  1. A competitor may withdraw from the event and receive a refund by giving written notice of cancellation via email, no later than Aug 24th, 2018. The entry fee amount minus a $125.00 handling fee will be refunded. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Send cancellation notification to: championships@drivenasa.com.
  2. Competitors that are unsure whether they will qualify or not are encouraged to enter. Your entry fee will be returned if you do not meet the 5 race qualification requirement. In order to receive a refund, you must give notice by email notification no later than Aug 24th, 2018.
  3. ALL Drivers, Crew and Officials: All persons entering Circuit of The Americas (“COTA”) property (the “Facility”) are required to sign the appropriate COTA or Sanctioning body Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement Forms. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Wristbands must be worn at all times.
  4. Minors: All minors must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. No minor will be permitted to drive any motorized vehicle unsupervised on the property.
  5. Pets: Pets are allowed on site provided they are always on a leash and always picked up after.
  6. Once registration has closed for the day access to the facility will be limited to credentialed participants. Please plan your arrival accordingly. Arrival after hours will require a gate fee and then a refund can be requested once NASA registration opens.
  7. Competitor must be a member of NASA, in good standing (as defined by the CCR), hold a valid NASA Competition License, and must meet all criteria set forth by these Event Regulations.

Each entry includes One (1) driver and Two (2) Crew persons. Additional crew credentials will be available for $25    each.            

         Car Numbers are available on a first come first served basis.

  1. Parents and Minors are REQUIRED to fill out and return the Minor Waiver forms, available at https://www.nasaproracing.com/forms/minor-waiver.pdf

7. Facility Rules and Regulations

  1. To gain access to the facility, you must read and understand the Arrival instructions.
  2. Racing engines shall not be run after 10:00 pm or before 6:00 am.
  3. Facility speed limit is 15 mph and will be strictly enforced. Violators will be fined.
  4. Signage: COTA will strictly enforce a Signage Code which will require that any signs posted (only with COTA approval) must meet quality and aesthetic standards (no handwritten signs). Only the COTA approved Official Signage Contractor will be allowed to make and erect sponsor or similar signs on site. This does not apply to personal or team sponsorship banners hung within the person’s or team’s paddock space.
  5. ATV’s and Other Paddock Vehicles: The use of unlicensed motorized vehicles such as mini-bikes, golf carts, scooters, and four wheelers shall be restricted to their use as service vehicles for competitors and shall be used only in the paddock area and on paved surfaces and only during event hours. Only licensed drivers/riders shall use such vehicles. Children are specifically prohibited from using such vehicles. COTA reserves the right to further restrict the use of these vehicles if, in the sole discretion of COTA such use is a danger or annoyance to other persons.
  6. Trash and Waste Disposal: All trash shall be deposited in trash containers. COTA reserves the right to set fees for the disposal of any items left at the track that must be disposed of by a disposal company, including items such as used tires, batteries, fuel barrels, etc. Do not place any petroleum products in trash containers.

8. Pit Lane and Paddock Specific Rules

  1. RV’s and all camping in the paddock may stay overnight Sunday but will need to move to the Support Paddock. RV’s in the RV Park do not need to move. All must vacate no later than 9am on Monday September 17th, 2018.
  2. Paved Parking Space and garages may be reserved online during the registration process at www.nasaproracing.com. All Paved Paddock Parking and garages will be pre-paid and non-refundable upon arrival at the event.
  3. Paved Parking is available for purchase in 20 ft. X 50 ft. and 20 ft. x 100 ft. spaces in the Lower Paddock area. Go to the Registration page of the web site to reserve your space. (Sold Out)
  4. *Note- Lower Paddock will require a pass to access and only those that have PAID *and* possess a Parking Pass will be permitted into the Lower Paddock. 
  5. Race cars reporting to Grid will be allowed to pass thru without a pass.
  6. Paved Parking Spaces will be issued on a first come first served basis. A detailed map will be posted to the National Championship web site.
  7. Do not poke holes in paved surfaces for tent stakes, etc. This may lead to removal from the facility.
  8. Waste oil/fluids: LOOK FOR LARGE YELLOW SEA CONTAINERS! Participants are required to make use of these for all waste materials.
  9. Fire Extinguishers: Each competitor must have at least one (1) portable dry chemical fire extinguisher with a rating of at least 12BC available and in good working condition in the competitor’s pit and/or paddock area.
  10. 24-Hour Security: The facility will be open for participant access from 6:00 am – midnight, for participants with event credentials.
  11. Participants many not reserve paddock space (Rope, cones, fence) for others.

9. Qualifying

  1. Friday Qualifying 1 will set the start order for Friday’s Qualifying 2 session. The fastest times between the two sessions will set the start order for Saturday’s qualifying race.
  2. Results from the Qualifying Race will determine the start order for the National Championship races being held on Sunday.
  3. In the event that a qualifying session or qualifying race is ended less than halfway or is otherwise cancelled, or the results thereof are deemed unusable or inaccurate by the Race Director, the Race Director reserves the right to form the grid by any method.
  4. The Race Director will determine the groupings, splits and flag type for the race starts. This will be indicated on the posted grid sheets.
  5. If a competitor changes or adds classes during the event, only the results from the matching class shall be used to calculate  starting positions.
  6. All changes to class must be completed by 6PM on Friday September 14th. If a competitor wishes to run in a different class after that time, they may add that class by entering as a supersize entry. Profile changes at the track incur a $50.00 fee.

10. Grid

  1.    Drivers running in back to back sessions may have their second car staged in the pit lane or grid with the permission of the Grid and Pit Lane/Re-Entry Officials. Cars that are racing in more than one class will need to coordinate with their race director to be released from impound if there is a schedule conflict.
  2.  Cars not in position by the 1 minute signal may be held at the end of pit lane until their respective class/group has received the green flag.

11. Start / Finish / Race Length

  1. All flying starts and restarts will take place on the front straight.
  2. Flying Starts will take place per CCR Section 20.5.1. A Pace car will be used and will exit the course via the Pit Lane.
  3. Standing Starts will take place per CCR Section 20.5.2. We are privileged to use the starting method of the F1 style starting lights. The procedure can be seen here. (Click to see example) In the event the lights cannot be used we will default to the standard NASA flag procedure.(CCR 20.5.2)
  4. Jumped Starts will be penalized. There will be a Start Judge assigned for the purpose of assessing starts.
  5. Race length will be 45 minutes. Time will begin when the pace car starts the pace lap and includes the cool down lap. Note: Races may end early due to emergencies, clean up, or other unforeseen circumstances as ordered by the Race Director.
  6. The Red Cross Flags will be used along with a Waving Yellow to denote an emergency area where safety and towing personnel are present. The system only works well if the drivers make a conscious and concerted effort to proceed slowly through those areas. Failure to exercise enough care in these areas will force the Race Director to make use of the Pace Car, Black Flag All, or Red Flag as necessary. This reduces Green Flag track time, so it is strongly advised to heed these regulations.
  7. Drivers should be aware that the timing loop is located near the finish line. This may affect the lap count whenever a driver missed the warm up lap. Timing and Scoring may correct this by adding a lap at the direction of the Race Director. It is however, ultimately the competitor’s responsibility to notify the Race Director should this situation occur.
  8. Competitors should be aware that there will be no Splitter Steward (per CCR Section 2.10.11). Starting formation will take place per CCR Section 20.5.
  9. RESTARTS for all Championship races and all qualifying races will take the green flag on the “Front Straight”.

12. Timing & Scoring

  1. AMB Transponders must be used and must be functioning at all times. Non-working transponders may not be timed or scored. Drivers with multiple entries must have separate transponders for each racecar.
  2. NASA officials will determine the final finishing order in the case of a “photo finish.” The intent of this rule is to allow the officials to override any mistakes in scoring due to positions of transponder location, or possible error in the system that might happen when two cars cross the line at nearly the same moment.

13. Scrutineering and Impound/Post Race Inspection

Thursday- Sunday:  See event schedule as it changes daily.

  1. Scrutineering will be located at the Tech Tent North of the Drivers Meeting room and Café. (See map for location.) The Official Scales are also located in the Tech Tent. Competitors need not bring their vehicles to tech if the vehicle has a current Annual Inspection and 2018 Tech Decal.
  2. Please have your Annual Inspection completed before arriving at the event. If your car has the 2018 Annual Tech sticker, you DO NOT need to bring your car to tech for inspection. If your car needs re-inspection because of a logbook notation, has a NASA logbook but does not have a current Annual Inspection decal and/or does not have a NASA logbook please contact the Event Chairman at championships@drivenasa.com to schedule an appointment. There will be a $100 fee for this service at the track. You MAY miss track time due to delays for onsite inspections.
  3. The Tech Sticker must be affixed near the top left corner of the windshield for the duration of the event. Competitors must display their Annual Tech Sticker before going on track.
  4. Random Safety and/or Compliance Inspections may take place at any time during the event.
  5. Non-Compliant parts will be retained by NASA Pro Racing.
  6. Impound/Post Qualifying and Race Inspection will take place each day during event hours.
  1. ALL classes may be subject to technical inspection for safety and compliance items, REGARDLESS of CLASS RULES. Some disassembly of your racecar may be required. Any tools and/or manpower required is the responsibility of the competitor.
  1. All competitors in classes requiring a dyno certification must have a valid certificate in their possession.
  2. All compliance dyno results performed by NASA will remain the property of NASA.
  3. All competitors are reminded of CCR 15.12 “Tow Eyes.” It is required that all race vehicles have at least two (2) easily accessible (and usable) tow eyes, or tow points; one (1) in front and one (1) in back. They must not protrude dangerously from the car or require manipulation of the bodywork and/or panels to access the tow eyes. They must be strong enough to support the weight of the car. If tow eyes or tow points are not available the towing crew will hook onto other things that may cause damage to the driver’s car. The tow crew and NASA will not be held liable for any damage. Please note that there have been recent problems with tow eyes missing or not being strong enough to support the weight of the car.
  4. If your car is disabled and you have inadequate or missing tow points, NASA will either leave your car in position until it is more convenient to retrieve, or NASA will drag it to a safer location at the Race Director’s discretion. Please use an engine hoist, jack, or other suitable method to test your tow eyes before you go on track.

14. Body Contact/ Protest/Appeal/Request for Action

  1. Penalties may result in fines and/or withholding of payment of applicable contingencies.
  2. Body Contact and Protest/Appeal/Request for Action forms will be available at Driver Information and at Tech Inspection.
  3. All body contact shall be reported via a body contact form. Failure to file a form may result in additional penalties.

15. Results

  1. Qualifying, Qualifying Race, and Race Results will be available at Driver Information (See Map) as well as our results website www.racehero.io          

16. Required Patches and Decals

  1. NASA Patches and Decals are required. NO EXCEPTIONS. Prizes and awards (trophies, victory ceremonies, contingency and prize monies) may be forfeited.
  2. Other racing organizations decals/patches must be covered in such a way that it may not be identified as such. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Patches and Decals will be available from the Driver Information and/or Tech.

17. Time Trial Regulations

  1. Time Trial competitors must meet qualification criteria as set forth in the TT Rules Section 15.
  2. The National Champion in each Time Trial class will be determined by fastest lap set in each class during the event. Download Sessions may be held after each session, consult schedule. All drivers are required to attend any meetings and is your duty to check with your group leader.

18. General Facility Information

  1. Motorhome camping requires pre-reserved on the event registration page.
  2. Bicycles are allowed on the Circuit of the Americas grounds and encouraged.
  3. Tent camping in designated areas only. Tents and canopies must be held down by weights as no tent pegs of any kind are allowed. 
  4. Parking Passes will be utilized to control access to certain parts of the paddock. Access to the garage area will be strictly controlled by parking pass.
  5. Fuel: 93 and 101 Octane Unleaded fuel is available at on site fuel station with use of credit card. VP C9 will be on hand for Spec Miata competitors.
  6. Shipments: Shipments to the property will not be allowed by COTA. If you need something shipped to the event please make arrangements to have your items shipped to your hotel.
  7. The Company will not accept delivery of items that have unpaid shipping charges nor will Company incur charges for shipping items for Lessee.
  8. Golf Carts are available for rent. Please click the link to enquire about price and availability. http://www.kcgolfcartco.com/2018-nasa-championship.html
  9. Official Toyo Tire Vendor Information:
    Track Fast Motorsport
    710 W. Broadway Rd. Suite 502
    Mesa, AZ 85210
    Phone: 480-833-6554
    Email: TrackFastMotorsport@yahoo.com

19.  Damage

As is the case with any other NASA event by registering for this event, you acknowledge that you will be responsible for any damage you inflict to any part of the facility. Those responsible for any damage WILL be billed immediately for said damages occurred with payment expected within 15 days following being invoiced by NASA. Failure to comply could result in revocation of you competition license. There are relatively few areas to cause much damage to the walls. There are a couple specific ‘usual’ areas. Walls and oil spills are the most costly damage, so please take extra precaution to not end up with either. Most of the track has football fields of perfect, smooth, paved runoff.

Damage Fees



Pavement Track/ Paddock/ Pit



Paint / Track Surface / Facilities


Per 100 Yard

Guard Rails


Per foot

Tech Pro Barrier


Per block

Catch Fence Panel


Per panel

Catch Fence Pole


Per Pole

Tire Disposal


Per tire

Oil Dry Absorbent 40kg Bag


Per bag

Liquid Spill on Track


Per corner

Liquid Spill paddock / Pit Lane / Garages


Per Area


Spec Miata Competitors for Toyo Tires Classic

The required “Championship Tires” previously announced will be available for purchase 
here for $700. These tires are being provided to all SM competitors at a discounted rate to ensure class parity amongst all competitors in your final race. 


We will be requiring the use of VP Racing Fuels C9 fuel for this event. VP Racing Fuels will have a fuel truck on hand specifically for the Spec Miata field which will supply all the required fuel for the event. All Spec Miata competitors will be required to run this onsite VP C9 racing fuel during all competition sessions. You must use the fuel from the onsite fuel truck. Onsite fuel testing will be conducted during the event and you will be required to have zero “pump gas” or additives in the fuel tank to pass this testing. This fuel will be contaminated by even trace amounts of other gas or additives in your tank, so please plan accordingly by running test sessions, etc. to burn off other gas. We are currently working with the supplier to secure the best pricing possible for your event weekend. This high-quality fuel will help us better provide all Spec Miata competitors with an equal shot at this extraordinary prize package. 

OBD ports
Competitors must verify your OBD ports are in working order before arriving for the event. This will be a required working part for the event and failure to have a functional OBD port may result in a DQ until made functional.

Windshield Banner
All Spec Miata competitors will be provided a complimentary "Toyo Tires Classic" windshield banner in their registration packet upon check-in at the COTA facility. This windshield banner will be a required part of event competition for Spec Miata competitors for the duration of the event.

No Teams Permitted
No teams will be listed on the results for the Toyo Tires Classic feature event during the NASA Championships. Please ensure that you have yourself listed correctly for the event.