Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Attorney General Brad Schimel

P.O. Box 1567

Brookfield, WI  53005

Dear Attorney General Schimel,

I believe it is important that voters from across the state be able to hear directly from us about our plans to make Wisconsin safer and stronger. Accordingly, I am writing to request that you agree to one debate in each of Wisconsin’s eight congressional districts.

It is clear that we have different views on a number of important issues, including whether we need a more effective response to the opioid epidemic, whether Wisconsin should consider arming teachers or enact common-sense gun-safety measures like universal background checks, whether Wisconsin’s backlog of untested rape kits has been mishandled, whether Wisconsin should be a leader in a lawsuit that is seeking to invalidate the Affordable Care Act and to allow health-insurance companies to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and whether our environmental laws should be seriously enforced.

Having one debate in each congressional district will allow us to discuss these and many other important issues in depth.

I look forward to discussing the issues with you.


Josh Kaul

Candidate for Wisconsin Attorney General