GHS English Dept.

EOC Dates:

English I is April 9

English II is April 11

What We Are Doing...

English I covered Romeo and Juliet, and Pre-AP English I covered Julius Caesar this six weeks.  Both groups continued to have vocabulary assignments and wrote an analytical essay this six weeks.

English II: We covered the writing process through expository and persuasive essay writing by improving their own author’s craft.  Students utilized various strategies, persuasive techniques, and rhetorical appeals. English II covered The Adventures of Ulysses and English II Pre-AP finished the analysis and synthesis of The Adventures of Ulysses.  Furthermore, students tested on academic vocabulary, revising, and editing. 

English III: We will cover the Modern and Postmodern American Literature Periods, continue studying vocabulary, preparing for TSI or SAT/ACT tests, and applying for college or career paths next semester.

 Starting in January, English IV students will create a Memory Book that will chronicle some of their childhood memories and recollections.  This is a semester long writing  project, with chapters due on a weekly basis. Additionally, this is bound to be a favorite keepsake of the first part of their lives for both students and their families.  More information will follow in early January!