326 E Kellogg

Holyoke, CO  80734


 Holyoke Elementary School

December 2018 Newsletter


Important Dates

12/3-12/14 -NWEA /

    Benchmark Testing

4- No School- Funeral

6 - K,2nd, 4th Grade

     Christmas Concert

     At 7:00 PM

13 - Winter Band

21- Students
     dismissed at

      12:00 PM

12/24-1/4 - Winter

1/7 - Students back

       to school


from the Principal: Mrs. Andrea Kammer

Phone: (970) 854-3411

Email: kammeran@hcosd.org 


Annual Holyoke Elementary December Food Drive

Once again the Holyoke Elementary students and staff will be participating in the Holyoke Elementary December food drive.  Throughout the school year there are hardworking and dedicated families that may need some help during the winter months to provide enough food for their families.  With the extra cost associated with Thanksgiving, the Holidays and with the extreme cold temperatures family budgets can get stretched very thin.  With all the support that our families and community members show our Holyoke Elementary School and the Holyoke School District it is very worthwhile to be able to give back when we can to say thank you.  This year we will be collecting any and all non perishable food items such as canned goods or prepackaged box items that will be donated to local food banks to be distributed to individual families as needed.  

Please bring these non perishable food items to the Holyoke Elementary School no later than December 20th.  On December 21st, students will take these donated items to the Holyoke Elementary School gym where students will deposit them into boxes while singing Holiday Carols.  

Thank you for your continued support of our school and we wish you a great Holiday Season.

Activities and Athletic Events Home and Away

If you and your family are attending an event at the school please make sure your child is with you at all times. Students should be sitting in the seats, bleachers, or stands with their parents and not running around, playing on the equipment, playing in the commons area, or other areas.  

Thank you for helping make sure all kids are safe during events and activities.


With so many of us using technology and email, we would like to start sending out our monthly newsletter via email.  Please stop in the office and check with Mrs. Goytia to make sure your email is accurate.

Thank you for helping us be more efficient.

Infinite Campus Login Information For Parents

Call or come in to visit with Mrs. Natali Goytia, at the elementary school, or Mrs. Brenda Krueger, at the district office to get access to your students grades, attendance, meal balance, and more. You will need to bring an email address and a password to log into Infinite Campus.

Reminders about Illness

This is the time of year that we start thinking about illness such as the flu.  Please make sure your child stays healthy by getting a good night’s rest, eating healthy meals, and washing hands regularly. Also remind your child of the following to avoid lice.

*Use your own hair brush or comb

*Use your own hair ties, bows, and clips

*Wear your own hat