An Internet Alphabet Book
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An Internet Alphabet Book

 By Jim Williams
September 12, 2018

how your search engine can guess which webpage you want just from the very first letter or two? Over time it builds up a picture of you. What does that picture look like? Here’s mine (slightly photoshopped):

The pictures are surprisingly varied from one user to another. Katherine Kowley did the same experiment and got quite a different result. Hers is illustrated with her own drawings.


A is for    

Wonder what the Democrats were doing to win elections in 2014, this site can tell you.

B is for

This URL surprised me. It’s because I read and publish at

C is for

I’d be totally lost without this - couldn’t even hold down a job.

D is for

Here’s where I keep personal journals and move files from one computer to another

E is for


Took me the longest time to learn to type ‘e’ instead of ‘w’ for Wikipedia.

F is for


Want news instead of propaganda? Wanna share your fury? Or just make new friends?

G is for


Help for the shopping impaired.

H is for

Huffington Post
These days most of the Huffington Post articles I read come via Facebook.

I is for

International Action


A good source for unpopular topics such as depleted uranium hazards.

J is for

Justice for Assange

Possibly the world’s greatest journalist, he has revealed so many shocking truths.

K is for

Keep it in the ground  OK, I cheated here. Google’s choices were of no interest.

L is for


Search for ‘lawsuit’. The results vary from heart-wrenching to hilarious.

M is for


My email wanderings: Outlook, Thunderbird, Network Solutions, and now Gmail.

N is for


I also like the Guardian, the New York Times, the Washington Post, even Fox News (!)

O is for

Our Revolution

Our Revolution was founded to advance causes ordinary people care about.

P is for

Pandora I tried the others and they really wouldn’t do.

Q is for

Quest Diagnostics Quest actually sends test results to my doctor, miraculous.

R is for

Rotten Tomatoes

The most heavily advertised movies can suck, and the critics can be incredibly biased.

S is for


Stelara made my psoriasis go away, which I got from too much cheese and peanut butter.

T is for


A friend convinced me to post on twitter. Soon I had lots of followers.

U is for

Urban Dictionary

An indispensable tool for anyone with kids.

V is for

Video Yeah, I’m a cat person.

 W is for


This was a surprise. Where I grew up we didn’t really have weather.

X is for


Well well. I don’t remember going there, but apparently, I did!

Y is for


Of course.

Z is for


A friend of mine often recommends articles from ZeroHedge.