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CRUMB: Compact Rugged Unattended Mesh Box

The Compact Rugged Unattended Mesh (in a) Box (“CRUMB”) is a compact self-contained field deployable Amateur Radio Emergency Digital Network (“AREDN”) wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Network (“MANET”) Node. CRUMB provides an easy-to-deploy all-in-one package that can easily extend the range of a MANET network. Built using Commercial Off The Shelf (“COTS”) components and Open Source software, CRUMB is low-cost and easy to assemble.

Bill of Materials (“BOM”):

  1. $90: Ubiquiti Rocket M5 5 GHz MIMO Radio running the AREDN firmware:
  2. $49: 5 GHz Omnidirectional MIMO mobile-mount antenna:
  3. $55: 24 VDC Power over Ethernet (“PoE”) Uninterruptible Power Supply (“UPS”):
  4. $50: All-weather “Pelican”-style case.
  5. Short ethernet cable.
  6. (2x) RP-TNC to RP-SMA Adaptors.
  7. (Optional) $8: Grid Divider:
  8. (Optional): (4x) Zip-Ties/Cable-Ties.


  1. Drill a ¾ Inch hole in the roof of the “Pelican” case and slip the antenna cables through, securing the antenna in-place with the washer and nut.
  2. Connect antenna cables to Rocket M5, and plug UPS PoE Out into the Rocket M5’s Ethernet port.
  3. (Optional) Zip-tie the Rocket & UPS to the Grid Divider for mechanical stability.
  4. Turn-on the UPS and enjoy your new mesh!

Inside the assembled CRUMB:

Developed by Greg Albrecht W2GMD for the Bay Area Mesh

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