We all know how important a successful hire can be, and how costly an unsuccessful one is. This is especially true with remote work. One of the key elements of the hiring process is the job posting itself, so we here at We Work Remotely decided to review thousands of remote job listings and created a template with all of the pieces that we’ve found make up the most successful remote job listings. Feel free to make a copy and edit with your listing information.

Remote Job Posting Template:

Job Title:

Pretty simple. Be specific, and don’t include cliche phrases such as “superstar” or “rockstar” anything, or use lots of emojis and exclamation points. It makes you look unprofessional. If you’re looking for a Javascript Developer, then that’s what you should say.  Make sure to capitalize.

Job Description

* This is the most important part of making sure that you hire the right person. If you don’t have a clear understanding of what you’re hiring for, you need to take a step back and reassess.

The Job Description should have three main components:

  1. A General Overview

The general overview will explain the reporting structure, team size, technologies used, company objectives and how the role fits within those objectives.

If you’re a small team and need someone who’s willing to take on a number of projects that they might not be qualified for -- then say that. If you need someone who’s more junior but can develop into a more senior role, then mention that too.

You’re trying to attract quality, so make sure that you mention things that would differentiate this role from the other companies vying for quality people.

A good practice in the job description field is an “About You” segment. This will allow you to articulate the culture of your team by identify traits that you need to have to be successful.

     2.         Requirements

These are the skills/experiences that are an absolute must in order to be successful in the position or even be considered. Be as specific as possible, it will help you weed out applicants you don’t want. Bullet points are fine.

If you have time zone restrictions, then this is the place to provide those details also.

     3.         Nice to haves

Enter anything in here that are not essentials, but will help the candidate differentiate themselves. Examples: Experience Working Remotely, a CS Degree, a Pet Dog named Charlie*

*Don’t actually say that.

Handy Remote Hiring Tip #1 -- Don’t include a million bullet points in the requirements that could be better articulated in a company mission statement on your own website.

Also -- for goodness sakes, proofread your work. Typo’s on job description will disqualify you with a detail oriented person. If you want to attract a quality writer, you have to practice what you preach.

Tell us more about your company

Here is where you get to show proof of how awesome you are!

Explain what you do, what your goals are and why a high performing individual would want to work for you.

If you’re experiencing a period of substantial growth, say: “We’ve grown from 15 employees to 38 in two years”, or “we’ve just closed a seed round of a 2 million” or whatever the case may be, rather than: “We’re a growing company.”

Point being: give details. If you promote a healthy work life balance -- explain the details of how/why that’s the case. Example: free gym membership, three week mandatory paid holiday, 401k contribution matching. All that fun stuff.

Remember, you are trying to attract the best, so you need to be prepared to showcase your company in a way that will differentiate yourself from the other possibilities out there.

This is also a good place to mention any publications you’ve been featured in, or testimonials from past/current employees. Remember - be detailed and specific. If your company is truly great (and we believe it is), then you should be able to provide details and examples or why that’s true.

Handy Remote Hiring Tip #2:  You’re a remote company, so that means that people will sometimes be working from home. If you have the wiggle room, offering a coworking space membership goes along way to hiring well and maintaining quality workers. 

Handy Remote Hiring Tip #3: Featuring your job on We Work Remotely will give you 5x the exposure and double the tweets. It’s really the quickest way to hire.

And there you have it! Thanks for reading and passing along if you find it valuable! We really appreciate you being a part of the community and remote work revolution!

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