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Pendleton Christian School



The State of Oregon

National Council for Private School

Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventists Schools, Colleges, and Universities, Inc., which is recognized by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools


OWNED BY        

The Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and is operated by the area constituent Seventh-day Adventist Churches under the guidelines and policies of the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


Anyone who desires to receive a Christian education. Harris Junior Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration

of its educational policies, scholarship programs and other programs.



The School Board is comprised of representatives from the constituent churches of Pendleton, Pilot Rock, and Pendleton Spanish. This board meets regularly to review the operation and to formulate plans for the continued pursuit of excellence in Seventh-day Adventist Christian education. The Faculty, Administration, and Staff have a responsibility to operate the school in harmony with the working policies and guidelines of the local constituency, its operating board and the church.


For additional information, contact:

Pendleton Christian School

3121 SW Hailey Avenue

Pendleton, OR 97801



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Educating for Eternity


The Pendleton Christian School family exists to show children Jesus, nurture their love for Him and others, teach them to think, and empower them to serve.


Pendleton Christian School focuses on building Christ centered relationships, utilizing solid Biblical principles embedded in a quality educational program; instilling in our students the thirst for more knowledge.

Following Christ's example, our students will be equipped to serve God with relevant life skills,         leadership abilities and a desire to serve others, both here on earth and through eternity.  


At Pendleton Christian School, we believe children are special.  They are the product of Creation and have a God-given potential for growth and development.  We believe all are the property of God, and we place a high value on the worth of each individual

We believe that education “prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for a higher joy of wider service in the world to come.”  Education, E. G. White, page 13


Student Pledge

It is understood that every student who applies for admission to Pendleton Christian School commits to willingly observe all regulations and to uphold the Christian principles upon which the school operates.

Honor Code

Pendleton Christian School Honor Code prohibits cheating, lying, stealing, vandalism, plagiarism and all other offenses that are detrimental to the school community. Cheating or dishonesty is a serious breach of integrity and discipline may include suspension or expulsion from Pendleton Christian School.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Pendleton Christian School admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other school-administered programs.

Qualifications For Admission

Pendleton Christian School is open to all young people who desire a Christian education. Students who apply for admission should be in agreement with the purposes and objectives of the school and live in harmony with its principles.

Age at Entrance

A child must be 5 years of age by August 31st on the year of entry to be eligible to enter Kindergarten.  A child must be 6 by August 31st on the year of entry to be eligible to enter first grade.

School Records

Upon receipt of school records from the former school, new students may have their program adjusted to meet deficiencies.  

Unpaid Accounts

Students having an unpaid account with another school are not permitted to complete registration or attend classes until clearance has been obtained. The finance committee will consider any request for exemption to this policy on an individual basis.


The Admissions Committee acts on all applicants for admission. Action of the committee will take place only after the administration or administratively designated teacher has secured sufficient information to take to the committee. Students may not be admitted to the classroom until positive action has been taken by the committee and all necessary forms and arrangements have been made. Typical admittance procedures are as follows:


New Students Applying (Complete these items before continuing to register)


Returning AND New Students Registering

All new and/or transfer students will be welcomed on a 30 day probationary basis. During the probationary period the student will demonstrate a desire and willingness to abide by the expected rules of conduct and a determination to pursue a quality education.


We wish to provide the opportunity of a Christian education for every student who desires one. If financial assistance is needed, parents are expected to communicate this need, pursue financial sponsors, and pay the agreed upon monthly contribution.

It is our wish that every student desiring a Christian education has the opportunity, however, it is the parents’ responsibility to keep the account balanced. If parents need financial assistance, it is the responsibility of the parents to find financial sponsors or inform the school of financial needs. Financial arrangements must be made prior to registration or at the time assistance is needed, and before the account becomes delinquent.


Requirements to Enter a Financial Commitment

A student transferring from another school should have his/her previous account fully paid before enrolling or notifying Pendleton Christian School of outstanding balance at the time of registration. To register for school, the parent or guardian must accept financial responsibility for the student’s account and that the account will be paid regularly in accordance with stated policies. Students with outstanding balances will not be accepted for a new school year until the account is made current or a plan to reduce the outstanding account has been submitted for approval.

Tuition Rates

It is the purpose of the Pendleton Christian School administration to keep the charges of the school as low as is consistent with good business practices. The rates are based on service costs and commodity prices prevailing at the time of this publication and are subject to change in the event of a marked increase in the cost of operating the school. The school is partially maintained through substantial subsidies from the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the members of local constituent churches.


Additional Fees

The programs and costs below are approximate costs and may be subject to change:

Financial Policy

An earnest effort has been put forth to keep the cost of attendance as low as possible so that all may have the opportunity of a Christian education.

  1. Financial Responsibility: The individual who signs the Financial Agreement at registration is the person responsible for all financial obligations.

  1. Entrance Fee Policy: This fee is non-refundable and helps to cover the cost of books and supplies, library and technology use and expenses, yearbook and insurance. This fee may be paid at registration or over the first three months following registration.  To register for the new school year, your account needs to be current with the school. The entrance fee is non-refundable.

  1. Discounts: There is a 5% discount for prepaying the annual tuition and entrance fee in full at registration! Each additional student, after the oldest child, in the same immediate family will receive a 25% tuition discount. A 5% tuition discount will be given after every two consecutive years an individual student attends Pendleton Christian School.  The total of all discounts will not exceed 30% per student.  

  1. Tuition Payment Policy: For your convenience tuition is divided into 10 monthly payments (September - June). Monthly payments are due by the 1st day of the month from September through June.  If a student enters late or exits early, s/he will be charged a prorated rate for the number of days of actual attendance for the month of entrance or withdrawal.

  1. Late Fee: A late fee of fifty dollars ($50) will be added to any account not paid by the 15th of the month.

  1. Satisfactory Arrangements: Student accounts must be kept current in order to continue to attend Pendleton Christian School. If you are unable to pay your account balance in full by the 15th of each month (September - June) satisfactory arrangements must be made by the 10th. Your payment plan will be taken to the School Board to be reviewed.

  1. Overdue Accounts: Accounts will be considered delinquent after 30 days and a letter will be sent notifying of the delinquency. After 60 days, if the amount due on your statement is greater than two months of your family’s agreed monthly payment, your student(s) will be asked to remain home until the bill is brought current. Overdue accounts may be sent to collections at the discretion of the Finance Committee. The school uses third party collection services as needed with delinquent accounts and reserves the right to seek legal redress should collection procedures fail.  Collection costs and legal fees will be added to the account. The Pendleton Christian School board has taken the action that the school will not carry over unpaid accounts. In other words, all accounts must be paid before starting a new school year, unless an arrangement that details a plan to reduce past due accounts can be made with the approval of the Finance Committee Chair, principal, treasurer and constituent pastor.

  1. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) Fee: There will be a $50 fee for all returned checks or closed accounts.

  1. Records and Transcript Release: Final report cards and school records will not be released until the school bill is paid or satisfactory arrangements have been made.

  1. Submitting Payments: Monthly payments may be submitted in the following ways:
  1. In the drop box at the school entrance. Enclose in an envelope with “Attn: Treasurer, Pendleton Christian School” written on it.  (Please do not give your payment to the Staff.)
  2. Mail to the school address: Attn: Treasurer, Pendleton Christian School, 3121 SW Hailey Ave, Pendleton, OR 97801.
  3. Pay online at Adventist School Pay (use the ‘Tuition’ link on with options to pay by bank account or credit card. (Fees for using a credit card will be the responsibility of the Responsible Party and will be added to the monthly statement.)
  4. Your bank’s online bill pay.
  5. Direct Payment by ACH (Automated Clearing House) Authorization Form.

Financial Assistance Policy

Pendleton Christian School has scholarship funds available only when donations are received. All monies granted are based on what generous donors have contributed. It is the responsibility of the parent to fund all tuition and fees.

When parents do not have sufficient money for tuition, the first step is to contact their home church.  Once the home church has approved financial assistance then the family can contact Harris Junior Academy to begin coordinating the financial assistance.

Process and Criteria for Financial Assistance

Exceptions to the above process will be considered only on a case-by-case basis.

Check with your church for application deadlines.


Failure to comply with any of these criteria will result in the suspension of financial aid until criteria is met.                        


Academic Placement

Each of the following factors will be considered in grade placement:

  1. Chronological age
  2. Emotional, Physical, and Social Development
  3. Scholastic Achievement as determined by:
  1. Standardized test score
  2. Student’s ability to reason and to express ideas logically
  3. Prior school performance as evidenced by:
  1. Cumulative records
  2. Report cards
  3. Recommendation of the previous teacher/s


Academic Probation

When a student receives an F on his/her quarterly and/or mid-term grade report, in any core class, they are placed on Academic Probation and are required to fill out and follow an Academic Agreement. The purpose of the Student Academic Agreement is to help the student assume responsibility for their education and to make the best use of the opportunities a Christian education offers them by staff who care enough to hold them accountable. The Academic Agreement form outlines the specific expectations of students, parents and teachers and explains the consequences of failing to meet the objectives. In addition, being on Academic Probation affects major class office standing and participation in special activities. To aid in tracking progress, grades and missing assignments are updated weekly and may be accessed via the internet. Families without internet access may request a weekly report be sent home.


A Partnership Approach to Progress

It is the goal of Pendleton Christian School administration and staff to have every student working at his/her full academic potential. In order for this to happen, the school must have the cooperation and combined efforts of students and parents. The parents will need to help their student by providing directions and encouragement in good study habits. It is helpful to have a set time and place to complete homework. .


The following process is used in helping students become “progressively responsible”:

P/K - Students are taking responsibility for their actions; completed work is sent home.

1st -8th Grade - Progress reports are updated online weekly. Parents and students will be issued a password to access weekly progress reports that can be accessed through the school website In homes where web access is not available, parents need to ask the teacher for a weekly progress report.


In addition, 5th-8th are encouraged to utilize a daily planner to help them keep track of the assignments and activities for which they are responsible. These students are also expected to take more responsibility for being prepared for class and to work neatly, thoroughly, and to get work done in a timely manner. It is helpful if parents would also encourage their students to utilize a daily planner and to check their progress reports and planners weekly.


Report Cards

Report cards will be given out at Parent-Teacher Conferences and at the request of the parent.  Depending on the grade a student’s progress may be followed online.  


Standardized Testing                                

Students in grades 3 – 8 are required to take the MAP tests. MAP, or the Measure of Academic Progress, is a computerized adaptive test which helps teachers, parents, and administrators improve learning for all students and make informed decisions to promote a child's academic growth. These tests are valuable tools for the teacher in determining a student’s strengths and weaknesses. It is strongly urged that parents take special care to provide proper sleep and nutrition during this time. It is to the student’s benefit to be in the best possible physical condition during this time. Parents should also make every effort to not take students away from school during this period.        


The MAP tests are taken by 3rd-8th grade students in September, February and May.        


Graduation Requirement                                

To be eligible to receive a regular diploma and participate in graduation exercises, 8th grade students must successfully complete all of their course work.

Unsuccessful completion of elementary course work may result in a student being required to complete a summer school program before receiving their diploma and/or being ineligible to be promoted to the 9th grade. In this case, a “certificate of attendance” may be issued rather than a regular diploma.


Parent-Teacher Conferences                                        

Twice each year, following the first and second quarter periods, Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled. These conferences are deemed very valuable to the parent and the teacher and are for the ultimate benefit of the student. parents should make every effort to meet these appointments for the report by the teacher on the academic progress of the student and for the parent to receive answers to their questions concerning the same topic. Teachers or parents may request a Parent-Teacher Conference on a case-by-case basis at any time.  Students are encouraged to attend Parent-Teacher Conferences with their parents.


SCHOOL LIFE                

Accident Insurance

The student accident insurance policy provides coverage for students while at school and on school sponsored functions. The school is not liable for loss or damage to personal property, including electronic devices, toys, musical instruments, etc., brought on the school premises. For details on the student accident insurance policy, inquire at the office.


Electronic Device/Cell Phone Policy

Pendleton Christian School is an organization committed to high quality education, the safety of both students and staff, as well as the preservation of our outstanding reputation. As technology evolves, Pendleton Christian School is excited about the academic uses associated with these tools. However, due to the advanced capabilities of these devices, guidelines must be put in place in order to protect students, staff, parents, constituents, (these individuals are collectively identified as the Pendleton Christian School community) and facilitate a positive learning environment.

Internet/Social Media Policy

First and foremost students are encouraged to always exercise the utmost caution when participating in any form of social media or online communications both within the Pendleton Christian School community and beyond. Students who participate in online interactions must remember that their posts reflect on the entire institution and, as such, are subject to the same behavioral standards set forth in the Pendleton Chrisitan School handbook.

Pendleton Christian School also reserves the right to amend these policies in our judgment to address issues that may arise, changes in our operation, or the law. Notification of these changes will be disseminated to the Pendleton \Christian School community in written form either hard copy or electronically.

Skateboards, Bicycles, Skates, Etc.

Skateboards, bicycles, skates, etc. are not to be used while on the campus.  Pendleton Christian School is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen skateboards, bicycles, skates, etc.  A bike rack has been provided at the entrance of the school for use. Abuse of this policy may result in confiscation.


Field Trips

Field trips are designed to enrich and enhance the classroom curriculum. In addition, there are times when field trips are organized as a special classroom reward. Keep in mind that the trips are organized for specific classes and age groups.

Students who participate in activities that represent the school and that involve time away from school during school hours must currently have the grade of C- or higher in each of their classes. Participation may be altered at the discretion of the Teacher.


School Visitors

Pendleton Christian School’s policy is that we ask for a twenty-four hour notice for any request for an on-campus visit. This request needs to be made to the school administration. We appreciate your cooperation.

All visitors (including parents/guardians/family/friends…) will stop at the office to sign in upon arrival.  Visitors will also stop at the office to sign out as they leave.


Birthdays and Other Private Parties

When planning birthdays and private parties, please include everyone in the class, or discuss and plan these events outside of school time.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items may be claimed at the school office, or with the classroom teacher. The office will hold items for 60 days.



To develop personal responsibility, every student is expected to attend school regularly and punctually.

The school day


Absence Policy

Students are required to be in school 90% of scheduled days. This allows for 5 unexcused absences per quarter. Unexcused absences over 5 days per quarter are considered excessive and a letter of notification will be sent to the parents of the student and a parent conference may be requested. Any child whose unexcused absences reach 21 days will be considered for suggested retention and/or legal action. Unexcused absences that exceed these guidelines violate the Oregon State Compulsory School Attendance Law and require the School Board to file a truancy petition with the magistrate court of Umatilla County. Excused absences include: illness, funeral attendance, doctor/dental appointments, and emergency family situations.


On a day when a student is going to be absent, the parent is expected to call the school by 8:30am. If the parent does not call the school a written reason for the absence must be provided to the school within 48 hours upon the student's return.  The written reason must include the student’s name, date of absence, reason for absence and the parent’s/guardian’s signature. Students who need to leave school during the day must also provide a note at the beginning of the school day or a parent must call the school ahead of time.

When a student is absent more than one day, assignments can be obtained by contacting the teacher. If a student is absent four (4) consecutive days a doctor’s note is required to return to school. When students return from being absent, they are responsible for checking with their teachers for any missing work that needs to be completed and will have the same number of days missed to turn in their assignments.


When a student will be absent from school, it is strongly recommended to inform the teacher at least a week prior to the known absence. Teachers are not required to give more than one week’s worth of work.

When a student is absent from school, without prior notice to the teacher, the administration will contact the parent(s) and emergency contacts, if necessary, in an attempt to locate the missing student.


Tardy Policy

Tardies are considered unexcused except for unavoidable circumstances (i.e. automotive/ traffic emergencies, sudden illness). Students arriving late must report directly to their teacher and must have a note from a parent/guardian. The note must include the date, time, reason for the tardy and the parent/guardian signature.                 



Perfect attendance is no absences and no tardies. Excellent attendance is no absences and 1- 3 tardies.         


Harris Junior Academy desires to project a positive Christian image. Our standards of excellence guide our dress code.

The dress code serves these purposes:

School wear should be of appropriate size and length.



Goal to Train Citizens

This school exists not only to train students for life in heaven, but for productive lives on earth, as well. One of the philosophies that drives Citizen Training is the viewpoint that school is a Student’s occupation. As educators, we are apprenticing students to be successful in the workforce. With every job comes expectations and requirements...of punctuality, dress codes, efficiency, etiquette, appropriate behavior, obedience to authority.  The same is true here at Harris Junior Academy. To be successful at their job (whether at school, on the bus, on an educational trip, or at an off-campus activity), students take responsibility for meeting these expectations through their words and actions. As, “employers” our goal is to use constructive guidance and reinforcement (praise, awards, recognition) to help each student develop a God-centered self-esteem, to achieve maximum productivity, to willingly observe all school policies and to exemplify the fruits of the Spirit in their daily lives.


Principle of Conduct and Behavior is Love and Respect

God is LOVE; this is the main principle of truth—and is encouraged to be exemplified in all behavior. Love can also be described as respect—-for oneself, for each other and for property. We realize that students, as well as adults, are not perfect. We are, however, all in the process of realizing our holy calling as sons and daughters of God. Christ’s life evidenced the fruits of the Spirit, which outline core principles in the development of Christian character and in working together as a family. All members of this family are encouraged to pursue a relationship with Jesus that inspires each one—in word and action—to live the fruits of the Holy Spirit—-love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.


Expectations of Students

A student of Pendleton Christian School is expected to support the administration’s efforts to provide a positive, safe, and orderly environment by promising to read, become familiar with, and follow the policies outlined in the school handbook. Pendleton Christian School students are expected to be students who (both on and off campus):


The following behaviors (citizenship irregularities) may result in fines, detentions, suspension or expulsion: unsatisfactory academic progress or conduct, having a spirit that is manifestly out of harmony with the standards and principles of the school, manifesting an influence that is detrimental to others, being involved in any action that undermines or ridicules  school ideals, bringing weapons/dangerous instruments to school (such as firearms, fireworks, knives, toy weapons, slingshots, matches and/or lighters), constantly disrupting school, habitually violating the dress code, participating in gang activity, leaving campus during school hours without permission, lewd conduct, fighting, theft, using obscene/profane language, tampering with the school fire alarms or fire extinguishers, having inappropriate literature, pictures, or fighting.

When a student's behaviour creates citizenship irregularities every effort is made to include students, teachers, parents and administration in the corrective process.        

Cell Phones

Student cell phones are not to be used during school hours for any reason.  Students are to check their phones in to the office upon arriving at school.  They can check them out at the end of the day.  Students will be allowed to contact their parents using the school phone or a teacher’s cell phone.  Parents can call the school or their child’s teacher if they need to get in touch with their child.        

Having or using a cell phone during school hours without permission may result in the following:

Computer Use

Computer use is a privilege at Harris Junior academy. Computers are intended to enhance the curriculum and their use is for educational purposes only. Students are to use the computers in the way they are intended.  Students are responsible for the care of their assigned Chromebook.  A $25 Chromebook rental will be charged at registration.

Students are to use the computers for school work only.  Any social media sites or the use of the computers to communicate with students within the school or anyone outside the school without teacher direction is not allowed. The use of the computers for inappropriate literature, pictures, videos, etc. is strictly prohibited.  The inappropriate use of computers may result in the following:

Expectations of Parents/Guardians

Parents and guardians should encourage their students to uphold school standards at all times. Occasionally questions or problems arise between the student and the school of which the school may be unaware. If such reports are brought home, please call or visit the school so that a cooperative effort may be made to resolve any problem. Items that pertain to classroom discipline, subject grades, individual class attendance, classroom instruction, teacher methods, or other Teacher-related matters should first be discussed with the teacher. More responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:


Expectations of Teachers

In our desire to provide a Christ-like atmosphere, the faculty and staff of Pendleton Christian School partnered with parents, regard the personal growth of each student as a part of our responsibility. As faculty members, we become involved in each student’s life through our everyday contact in a variety of activities, recreation and work. This opportunity for a close relationship with each member of the faculty is a special aspect of education here at Pendleton Christian School. The administration and faculty of Pendleton Christian School accept the responsibility to develop and implement in a classroom setting a curriculum and/or classes within that curriculum that emphasize content which will foster independent thinking, the development of a Bible-based personal value system and problem solving skills.


The Teacher's’ Role


Zero Tolerance Policy

Pendleton Christian School exercises a zero tolerance policy when dealing with any student using, handling, possessing or furnishing to others tobacco, alcoholic beverages, unauthorized or illegal drugs and/ or drug paraphernalia, and weapons of any kind. Zero tolerance also includes bullying of any kind. Bullying is all about power, the imbalance and abuse of power and involves anything done to embarrass, humiliate, threaten, or intimidate an individual in the attempt to gain power and control over them. Bullying is not a personality conflict; it’s abuse, which can be verbal, non-verbal actions, physical, written messages (including cyber space). A student involved in any of these behaviors while on campus or on a school activity may be expelled.         

Student Discipline Procedure

Step 1:

Handled by the teacher in the classroom and may include, but is not limited to the following: verbal reminders, verbal reprimands, change of seating, contact parents if needed, isolation, loss of privileges, temporary removal from class or lunch detention, referral to principal with parents contacted if needed.


Step 2:

Referred to the principal—in writing (verbal reminder, reprimand and/or possible in-school consequence, contact parents, in-school or out-of-school suspension as necessary).


Step 3:

Principal/Staff review (behavior contract, suggest alternative education, recommendation to withdraw, recommendation to School Board).


Step 4:

Discipline Committee/Board Action (consider other possibilities, expulsion).


“For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11 ESV



The Matthew 18 principle should be used when addressing concerns with students, parents, teachers, staff and volunteers (Matthew 18:15-17). If parents have questions or concerns, the following procedure is the most effective:

  1. Speak directly with the person that may be involved with the concern.
  2. Speak with the principal/administrator.
  3. Speak with the School Board Chairman.
  4. Speak with the Upper Columbia Conference Superintendent



Harris Junior AcademyPendleton Christian School In keeping with this commitment, Pendleton Christian School maintains strict standards prohibiting unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment, bullying, and cyberbullying. These standards prohibit harassment in any form, including verbal, physical, and visual harassment.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances or requests and other conduct of a sexual nature, which is offensive and/or inappropriate. It can be words spoken or written, or physical behavior. It includes offensive pictures, graffiti, jokes and stares. If submission to offensive sexual conduct is made a condition of academic status, progress, benefits, honors or activities, it is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment also occurs when the offensive behavior or material creates a hostile school environment.


Reporting Procedures

Students who have experienced sexual harassment need to report the incident to school authorities as soon as possible. If the harassment is between students, the student reports the incident to the classroom teacher or to the principal. If the harassment comes from an adult, the student reports directly to the principal or another responsible adult.

Resolving Sexual Harassment Complaints

Any employee of the school, upon receiving a complaint or otherwise learning of alleged sexual harassment, shall notify the principal, or if the principal is allegedly involved in the harassment, the Upper Columbia Conference Superintendent of Schools. The school will investigate the matter promptly, thoroughly and confidentially. If harassment is found to have taken place, such appropriate corrective action will be taken as reasonably necessary to end the harassment. After the investigation and response, the alleged victim will be informed that appropriate action has been taken. The school will also make appropriate follow-up inquiries to ensure that harassment has not resumed and that the alleged victim has not suffered retaliation.


Child Abuse Reporting Obligations

In accordance with Oregon law and Conference policy, school staff are obligated under penalty of fine and jail term to report the reasonable suspicion of physical abuse, emotional abuse, emotional deprivation, physical neglect, inadequate supervision, or sexual abuse and exploitation.


In this very serious and legally narrow area, the school will not contact parents in advance of making a report to legal authorities. The clear intent of the law, based on the seriousness of the crimes listed above, is to mandate that a report of reasonable suspicion of abuse be made. School staff will make such report to the proper authorities for their investigation and review.





Students should arrive to school no earlier than 7:45 am. Students are expected to be picked up and/or leave the school grounds promptly after dismissal. Any student who does not promptly leave the school grounds after dismissal remains at his/her own risk and waives any claim he/she may have against the school or any of its related entities.                                        

An after-school charge will be assessed for students who are not picked up by 3:15 pm Monday through Thursday or by 12:15 pm on Friday.  The rate is $5.00 for the first 15 minute increment. Each additional 15 minute increment is $10.00. The school does not provide after-school supervision and cannot have students here after school hours unless they have made pre-arrangements with administration. A sign-in/sign-out sheet will be available in the office. Charges will be added to the monthly statements and may be paid that way, or by cash at the time of the pick-up.


Plagiarism is defined as the theft of another person’s work product without proper acknowledgment of that person's work. Plagiarism is illegal and unethical. When using resources, such as books, magazines and the Internet, for class assignments it is tempting to use information from those sources and turn it in as your own work.  Papers and assignments submitted should be the work of the student. Any use of another’s work must be properly acknowledged and cited. A student determined to have engaged in plagiarism on an assignment will receive a grade of “F” on that assignment. Further consequences will be at the discretion of the teacher.


Your child will not be able to stay at school and must be picked up immediately and/or must not be brought to school if they exhibit any of the follow symptoms: diarrhea over a 24-hour period, vomiting, a temperature of 100*F or higher, sore throat, severe upper respiratory infection with coughing, head lice, skin infections, (boils, ringworm, impetigo), rash of unexplained origin or any eye infection.

Students who take any type of medication (prescription or over the counter, (i.e. Advil, Tylenol Pepto-Bismol, cough drops, etc.) during regular school hours including school sponsored trips is required to have the following statements on file:

Such medication (prescription and/or over the counter) must be delivered to the school office in the original container bearing the student’s name. All medications, prescription or nonprescription, are kept in the school office. Students are not allowed to have any types of medication on their person. Parents must leave students’ medication in the office. School personnel are not permitted to give a student any prescription medication unless it is a prescription given by a doctor, with a current date, the child’s name, dispensing instructions printed on the label, and instructions from a parent. School personnel may distribute Ibuprofen or Tylenol (as needed) with parent approval. (North Pacific Union Education Code 1538)

For the protection of all our students no medication of any type can be carried by students while on campus or during off campus school trips. In the event a student must carry and self-administer prescription auto-injectable epinephrine and/or self administer inhaled asthma medication he/she is required to have on file the above mentioned statements.


Health Guidelines for Parents



Pendleton Christian School has been blessed with an incredible amount of technology for a school of its size. It is to be considered a privilege by students to have access to this technology. The staff, in consultation, has formulated the following guidelines regarding computer use:                        

Internet Usage And Policy

Pendleton Christian School makes technology resources available to students to enhance their educational work at school. While the range of computer, telecommunication, and other technologies allows access to vast resources and information, it also places enormous responsibility on each student to use these systems in a considerate, ethical, and lawful manner. The use of these technologies is a privilege, not a right, and is subject to terms and conditions. Any user must adhere to the same code of ethics that governs all other aspects of life within the Pendleton Christian School community. Actions performed or initiated through the use of technology must reflect the honesty, integrity, and compliance with the rules of conduct set forth in this Handbook.

Terms And Conditions For Technology Use

  1. Technology use must be for educational endeavors only, in accordance with the principles of Adventist education. Personal use is permitted only with special permission. For example, students should not use the Internet for e-mailing, messaging, or chat rooms unless it is part of an academic activity being used and monitored by a teacher.
  2. The use of technology at Harris Junior Academy is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use will result in loss of the privilege.
  3. Digital information belonging to others should not be accessed or used without written permission.
  4. Be polite. In all communication, use language appropriate for a positive school environment.
  5. Users are responsible for reporting problems, abuses, or misuses of technology resources to a faculty member in a timely manner.

Acceptable Internet Use Policy

  1. Do not share anyone’s personal information, such as home address or phone number.
  2. Do not tamper with system security or interfere with another individual’s account.
  3. Do not disrupt network use for others. This includes any type of communication that might cause a congestion of the Internet.
  4. Vandalism of any sort will result in loss of privileges. This includes, but is not limited to, uploading, downloading, or creating a virus.
  5. All communications and information accessible via the network should be assumed to be private property. Copyrighted materials may not be used without the permission of the author. Do not plagiarize; when using ideas or words that are not your own, cite the source of the information appropriately.

General Information Regarding Computer Use

  1. The Internet is considered a limited forum, and therefore the school may restrict students’ right to free speech for valid educational reasons.
  2. Privacy is not guaranteed for the contents of personal files on the school computers or Internet system. Routine maintenance and monitoring of the system may lead to discovery that this policy, the school code, or the law has been violated. An individual search will be conducted if there is reasonable suspicion that such a violation has occurred. The investigation will be reasonable and related to the suspected violation. Furthermore, teachers and parents have the right at any time to see the contents of a student’s computer-related files.
  3. Pendleton Chrisitan School will cooperate fully with local, state, or federal officials in any investigation related to illegal activities conducted through the system. In the event of a claim that a student has violated this policy or the law in the use of the system, the student will be given written notice of suspected violations and an opportunity to present an explanation according to school administration and/or state and federal law. Additional restrictions may be placed on computer and/or Internet use.
  4. PEndleton Christian School makes no guarantee that the functions or the services provided by or through the system will be error-free or without defect. The school will not be responsible for any damage suffered including, but not limited to, loss of data or interruptions of service. The school is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of the information obtained through or stored on the system. The school will not be responsible for financial obligations arising from unauthorized use of the system.


Participation in recess and Physical Education activities is required. Only those who have physical limitations will be exempt and in those cases every effort will be made to devise a program that will allow the student to participate to a degree in keeping with the student’s ability. Instructions from the student’s physician or other professional medical personnel will be used as a guideline to the development of such a program. Short-term illness that necessitates temporary non-participation must be verified by a physician’s note. Minor illness may be excused if a note is sent from the parent to prevent abuse of this type of excuse.


The library is provided for use by the students and staff of PEndleton Christian School. The primary functions are to provide resources for reference and research, and to meet the educational and recreational needs of the students. Books and videos (at teacher’s discretion) and other materials may be checked out from the library, usually for a two-week period, and fines will be levied for overdue materials. There will be a charge for the full replacement value for materials that are not returned, are lost, or are damaged.


CLASSROOM TEACHER AVAILABILITY                                

There may be brief times in the morning, before classes, or in the afternoon, after school has ended for the day, that teachers are available to talk with parents for consultation and/or questions. For items that may take longer than a few minutes, please contact your child’s teacher directly to arrange a time for a Parent-Teacher Conference.


The Home and School Association is for the purpose of uniting the home, school, and church in positive ways and providing parent education, social activities, and fund-raising for appropriate school needs. The Home and School Association is comprised of parents and staff. The officers are elected from church representatives provided by each constituent church’s nominating committee, and the Home and School Leader serves on the school board. Meetings are regularly scheduled and are open to all parents and constituent church members.


Pendleton Christian School weather related school closures or delayed days may be converted to e-days at the discretion of the Administration.  E-days are a way for teachers to create assignments for students to do at home.  Some assignments may be internet based or the teachers may choose to send work home prior to a closure or delay, to have ready, and to be completed prior to returning to school.

Local media are also contacted about school closures and delays and may include the following local radio stations and/or newspaper:

Radio Stations




Pendleton Christian School - Handbook - 2021-2022