Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 04/11/2019

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


I. Call to Order-Called to order by John @ 6:39pm

  1. Roll Call-Craig Huttvater, John Bannon, Suzy Buckley, Joann Wilson, Jerry Tucker, Pat Pullinen, Marissa Selleck
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-JB added 4. Grant Applications to III. Business; A. Updates

MS/PP switched 1. Contact Updates to Select Board Sub-Committee & update (no current contacts update)

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. 04/04/2019-Motion made by SB, 2nd by PP.  Passed

III. Business

  1. Updates

1. Select Board Sub-Committee (Formerly Contacts on Agenda)-Sub committee of Select Board to review Town retaining BRHS building and field/back 40 acres will officially be formed at the Select Board’s May meeting.  Select Board members will include Justin Hyjek and Heather Tucker; committee/community members who offered to join include Joann Wilson & Pat Pullinen.  

        *PP-To prepare we need to have work/figures to show sub-committee

      B. Discussions

        1. School Fair Planning/Curriculum & Finalizing Flyer/Poster-JW drafted 2 page

        (1 sheet back-front) informative handout; reviewed in meeting, discussed section

        of “Tuttle” book tradition and how to address sports.  Everything is possible,

        Strongly relates to student’s interests & numbers (population).  

        PP-Suggested we provide a timeline visual aid: what we have accomplished and

        what we will accomplish.  

        JW also created a display model implementing poster boards with charts of

        various sports and extracurricular, students can mark areas of interest


        Also came in from HT that we maybe offer a suggestion box; SB followed up

        about also gathering contact data (names, addresses, numbers, grade/age, etc).

        PP-Also suggested providing a powerpoint

        JT-5th/6th graders would definitely want to know where/what the school will be;

        as well as if we can reach out to the Mt. Holly 5th/6th graders via CH &/or any

        events; definitely possible but few events left in the school year.

        PP-Host our own forum and go the MHS students

        CH-Yes, offer a family forum.

        For sports, is it possible to join other teams/schools?  PP’s suggestion is we

        accommodate for the #’s as far as what is offered at BRA.

        JW-Pix to provide with draft to send to marketing contact at Okemo Sign Shop;

        provided via photos folder in Google Docs, thanks to Otis Nelson’s gracious

        permission to utilize them; also, provide enough flyers to post around town in

        local businesses (CH-get students involved; JB will reach out to National Honors

        Society students).

        CH-Another suggestion to discuss/offer is Early Enrollment & College Satellite

        programs (think Castleton & GMC; also, change language to read “personalized”

           instead of “individualized” (which is a Special Education term), and include

language about how pertinent and momentous this is for the community.

        *Follow Up-PP with Castleton Contact

        *Follow Up-JW Ordering flyer/poster

        *Follow Up-JB with National Honors Society

2. Revisit BRISC Timeline for BRA & Financials-Tabled Timeline, waiting for

other information from contacts/members; reviewed financials, model JB and

Toby Milne had drafted

PP-Suggested reaching out to students prior to the May 2nd School Fair to

garner even more engagement by including it in presentation, timing might be

        difficult to coordinate; possibility of school day brief presentation (maybe at an

        Advisory meeting or Student Council meeting).  

        Reviewed Budget, which is based off of the State average $15,808 for a school

        of about 75 students; several key proponents to research, such as insurance, PE

        & Sports, Transportation, Maintenance (Maint & Trans could be offers to Town

that we provide from there on out), and Special Education Funding; CH also

suggested examples of electric buses being utilized in other areas and

integrating these opportunities into the community as a whole.

                *Follow Up-CH on Special Education funding

        JB-Possibility of Scholarships also being available

        3.Revisit Events Calendar-Duly noted by SB that starting April 23rd there is some

testing occurring (11th graders have SATs & middle schoolers have SBACs).

Student meeting prior to May 2nd School Fair too much to fit in; postponed.

Reviewed upcoming dates on Calendar, April=Pancake Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt by LES PTG & MHS PTSA groups w/ Ludlow Rec Apr 20th, Rotary Annual Penny Sale Apr 27th;

May=Little League Season Opening Parade May 4th, Ludlow Select Board Meeting May 6th, Rod and Gun Club Fishing Derby May 11th, MP’s Wine & Cheese Gathering May 15th, Black River Good Neighbor Service Annual Spring Rummage Sale May 17th-19th, MHS Concert May 30th;

June=Ludlow Select Board Meeting June 3rd, LES Play June 6th, BRHS Graduation June 15th, BRHS Alumni Weekend (PP has Alumni contact)June 14th-15th; and,

July=Select Board Meeting July 2nd, Meet & Greet July (TBD).

        *Follow Up-PP with Alumni contact &

        *CH Family Forum Presentation Date

        PP-Share as much as possible as consistently as possible, garner & keep

        momentum going (OVTV, VT Journal, Mt. Holly Chit Chat, etc).

                *Follow Up-Press Release for May 2nd School Fair

        4. Grant Applications-JB filled out 2 grant applications, one each for Heritage and

        People’s Banks.  Reviewed content, a few minor edits but otherwise on point; to

        be submitted asap.

IV. Public Comment-CH shared Leaders of Their Own Learning by Ron Berger, a book guiding students to create their own learning paths/processes, a program Mt. Holly has integrated for the past several years; excellent resource.

V. Suggested Items for Next Meeting-

Sign-Up Sheet Schedule for May 2nd School Fair

Family Forum Date/Prep

Press Release

Contacts Update (PP for Alumni; Castleton.  CH for Special Education Funding.  JB for students/councils).

JW Poster/Flyers order

Events Planning/Organization

Timeline for BRISC

VI. Adjournment-Adjourned by JB @ 8:23pm