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Game Rules

Rule #

Battlebots contain no devices that interfere with wireless communications.


Battlebots may not contain anything designed to intentionally damage the field, other battlebots, spectators, or anything else.


Battlebots must use an approved control method.


Battlebots may not have more than 4 motors and 4 servos


The issued skewer must be firmly secured to the battlebot


The skewer must be able to be easily mounted and removed


180° of the mounted balloon(s) must remain unobstructed


Battlebots may not have any additional balloon popping methods other than the provided skewer


Battlebot Rules

Rule #

Battlebots must not be larger than 12”x12”x14” in the X, Y and Z dimensions


Battlebot must weigh no more than 5 lbs not including the Robosotorm issued balloons and skewer


Battlebots may not contain hazardous substances


Battlebots must use unmodified legal batteries defined in the game rules, no more than 20 A of current may be drawn continuously from the battery, and batteries must be connected to the control system via an xt30 connector


Any electrical power on the Battlebots may not exceed 10v


Heating elements are prohibited


Battlebots may not include any parts intended to harm another Battlebot


Entanglement devices are prohibited


A battlebots power source must go directly to the Robostorm Control System


Entanglement devices are prohibited


Battlebots may not contain any sharp objects other than the Robostorm issued skewer


Any liquid is prohibited with the exception of a small amount of lubricant


The provided balloon must be mounted 2.5” above the field


The provided skewer may not extend outside of a 19” box around the robot


General Comments or Reason(s) for Failure (if any):


I hereby state that all the above is true, and to the best of my knowledge all Battlebot construction rules and regulations have been abided by.

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revised 8/18/21