#WeKeepUsSafe: APALA’s Resource Guide on Anti-Asian Violence

*This is a community document and not meant to be comprehensive. For some readings on Anti-Asian racism and the history of Anti-Asian racism, please check out readings & media below.  

APALA envisions a society where economic and racial justice prevails, human rights and worker dignity are affirmed, and where a healthy, sustainable planet is able to offer a better life for Asian/Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Black, brown, and Indigenous folks, and all communities fighting oppression. Share this doc: bit.ly/asianresources 

Actions you can take for community safety

How do we talk to our community about Anti-Asian violence and community safety?

Call your elected officials to support these policies for addressing hate violence

We call for interventions and responses that address the root causes of violence and systemic racism through a community-centered approach. This means providing culturally and linguistically sensitive services for survivors, victims, and their families including access to mental health, legal, financial, and healing support. Federal and state agencies must ensure robust enforcement of civil rights laws to protect people targeted by hate and discrimination. Government agencies, from the Community Relations Service at the Department of Justice to state and local level programs, must prioritize violence prevention, restorative justice, and victims’ assistance funds.

Beyond these immediate steps, members of Congress and federal agencies must invest in our communities with long-term solutions that uplift the lives of everyone. Congress must ensure access to a robust social safety net that includes equitable housing, jobs, health care and education while ending policies that lead to the deportation, criminalization, and surveillance of immigrants and communities of color.

Anti-Asian hate has been a part of the American experience in the past and the present. But, it does not have to be part of our future. What we do today matters. We call upon members of Congress and the White House to work closely with local and national Asian American leaders to identify and implement community-centered solutions that stop anti-Asian hate.” - Written statement by Asian American Leaders Table on COVID-19 Racism

Community Organizations and Resources 

“Movements are born of critical connections rather than critical mass.” –Grace Lee Boggs

Safety starts with on the ground, with grassroots multi-racial, working class led organizing. Plug into your local APALA chapter and build relationships with community organizations!

APALA Chapters

Please email apala@apalanet.org and we’ll plug you into your local chapter!


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*not comprehensive - please research local AAPI-led organizations or formations in your community by the WeChat project and compiled by @sasponella.