Rotary District 3011

Project Positive Health 

(Preventive & Curative)

  1. Organize Checkup Camp
  1. Record Height
  2. Record Weight
  3. Record Age
  4. Record BMI - Tell if high or low BMI in Male or Female
  5. Check Blood Pressure
  6. Check Blood Sugar
  1. Distribute Pamphlet
  2. Distribute Brochure
  3. Information Bulletins about Diseases to target population.
  4. Info on Diabetes
  5. Reporting on Camps
  1. Name of the club
  2. Number of Members
  3. Number of Patients Seen
  4. Number of New Positives
  5. Random Sugar Detection
  6. High Blood Pressure Report High of Low Blood Pressure
  1. Camps must be organized PAN India - PPH Days
  1. 29 Sept. 2020 - Word Health Day
  2. 14 - Nov World Diabetes Day or 22nd Diwali
  3. 21 or 23 February
  4. 4th or 11th April 2021 - World Health Day
  1. Awareness of Non-Communicable Diseases
  2. Clubs, Colleges, Institutions, Company, Online Zoom, Community, Spread Information to all possible.
  3. Standee or Material to be Provided by Rotary.
  4. Circulate TV or Video Message.
  5. Social Media Campaign - 1 chammach kam know your numbers, aur char kadam aage
  6. Gandhi Monkey - Don’t look at salt , etc from the picture.
  7. Support NGO in these initiatives.
  8. Go to School and give a talk.
  9. Talk to School Canteens.
  10. Talk to the Hotels and  educate on healthy foods.
  11. School children doing street play in health awareness.
  12. Organize Cyclothon(s).
  13. Organize Walkathon(s).
  14. Organize Camp(s) / Rallies.
  15. MOU - IMA - Apollo Arogya Thyrocare Partners for Rotary Activities.
  16. They will give Doctors for a talk.
  17. School Health Awareness Programs - 2 Years.
  18. 1 Hour Once a Month - 5 Games Played by Children - Through Games educate the children.
  19. Easiest way to do this to adopt the schools and carry out these activities.
  20. Circulate Soft Copy of the Awareness Materials.
  21. Conduct Data Analysis of the School Data.
  22. Rotary will Train the Concerned Rotarian.
  23. Adopt One School will incur Rs.4000/ per school.
  24. Impact the Lives that would be affecting and benefits to so many people that kids cascade to
  25. Rotary’s Distt.3011 Target 600000 children.
  26. Each club adopt 2 schools
  27. Catch children Young and The World will be Healthier Place and To get a Good Result for the Country.
  28. Clubs Individually
  29. Passing 60000 message each week receive consent in written.
  30. Arogya App tie-up already done by Rotary.
  31. Project Positive Health - to engage with community and schools.
  32. Big Community Health Cams - Preventive & Curative.
  33. Mega Camps to the tunes of 1 lakh people.
  34. Smaller camps when ever the situation improves.
  35. Associate with GOI and partner with government.
  36. A word about cervical cancer vaccine - only cancer that is vaccine preventable.
  37. #1 cause of death in women. - virus caused cancer - 16% of all cancers in India.
  38. 2 Doses - Each dose cause 1785/- per dose. DG working a reduced cost.
  39. Goals:
  1. Each club 1 camp, minimum of 4 camos from each club.
  2. Minimum to adopt 2 schools.
  3. Include other schools where there is no interact club.
  1. Associate with Mobile messages campaign at district level
  2. Mega Camp on Rotary Family Health Day -
  3. Mammography camps - to continue
  4. Prevention is Better than Cure
  5. PDG - Yash Das Ji back to Distt. 3011
  6. Chair Project Positive Health Preventive - PDG Dr Bal Inamdar
  7. Create Temples of Service of fixed project and fixed targets
  8. District will Handhold for large projects.
  9. Blood Bank Manufacturer tie-up already.
  10. Create larger picture of the Project.
  11. CSR Vertical will also help.
  12. Assistance is given.
  13. Curative will be a long term project for years and years.
  14. Necessary for us to go into it and create community benefitting projects.
  15. Dream Things and Rotary is the Community to Make things Realize - Have Faith and Think of Making a Big Projects.
  16. Dr. Bharat Pandya joined and Readymade Menu of Opportunities is available now.
  17. Thinking and Planning takes long and now it is made by Rotary District 3011.
  18. Health, Environment, are the fields to take up work for the club.
  19. Curative and Preventive Health Go hand in Hand (as a team) and they cannot be separated.
  20. Most Important vertical for service is HEALTH Vertical.
  21. Corona COVID has proven that HEALTH is the most important.
  1. 73% deaths occurred in comorbidities people with other severe health concerns.
  2. Preventive Health Care is the Most Important.
  1. We need to work toward the people who have preventive comorbidities.
  2. Cater to People who have - Poor Access to Basic Healthcare Facilities
  3. Making a blood bank, Making an eye bank, etc. should be the projects that should be taken up.
  4. Tremendous GAP between what is available and what should be available. This is where Rotary can step-in.
  5. As Indians we are genetically prone to certain diseases.
  6. NCD - Lifestyle diseases - can be cured by Preventive Health care.
  7. Lack of awareness is also a big cause of Health Situations. Heath Checkup Camps should record the info. And people should be aware of their own numbers. KNOW YOUR NUMBER CAMPS
  8. Each club for their own members should be organized. Low cost camps.
  9. Dr.Sushil Khurana is Co-Chair of Project Positive Health - Preventive Rotary 3011.
  10. Rtn.Mukesh Arneja great help for Project Positive Health - Curative Rotary 3011.
  11. Health Vertical will really have its new importance in this year in district 3011.
  12. Most Important Responsibility is to have these connections with club members to keep them connected.
  13. Keep members motivated and keep them connected in all activities.

Rotary Club of Indraprastha-Okhla