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Logging into Google Classroom
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Sign in to your Google Account

Option 1: Recommended Method (Sign into the Chrome Browser)

Option 2: For those who don’t have the Chrome Browser

Access Google Classroom

“The Waffle” is an App Launcher of Google Tools.

Mail - Students can check email from their teachers

Docs - Students can type a letter or story

Drive - This is where all the files a student creates with Google are stored

Classroom - This is where students will view work posted by their teachers

Main Page of a Classroom (Stream)

Classwork Page

Access Google Classroom from a Mobile Device

From the app store on your device, find and install the Google Classroom App.

Open the app, and login using the student’s  username and password.

Note: It will also be helpful to download the Google Docs and Google Slides app as students may need those to complete assignments.