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PC Shortcuts & Keystrokes

  • F5 →  refresh window
  • Alt + Tab → switch app
  • Ctrl + Alt + / → opens menu that shows you everything
  • F11 → Full Screen
  • View Developer Tools → Chrome (), Firefox (), IE (), Safari ()
  • File > Downloads → shows you where your files are if you mades something in a non doc/spreadsheet/presentation app
  • Ctrl + switch window → Screen Capture

New Chrome OS 70→ 


  1. PC Alt Codes & List of Special Characters
  2. Mac Shortcut Keys list from Apple
  3. TurnItIn App Login
  4. Amp up the competition & learn to type faster by racing your friends in Nitro Type
  5. Google’s ScreenCapture Tool, ScreenCastify
  6. Annotation Link for writing on PDFs in Google from Ms Anderson


  1. Keystroke for Screen Capture- ctrl + switch window
  2. Google Chrome Apps you’ve installed → type chrome://apps in your google chrome browser
  3. Notepad++ App on rollApp online
  4. GIMP Online Image Editor and Paint Tool [ tutorials ]
  5. Screenshot
  6. PIXLR Photo Editor 
  7. Notes for coding


  1. PIXLR Editor -
  2. GIMP  - → Online image editor & paint tool. Chromebook Users, it should already be installed! many students use Gimp 2. It is also one of the leading alternatives to PhotoShop (which we will be using in the SS-11 Mac Lab). See Gimp’s Tutorials You Can Read or Beginner Tutorials on YouTube.. Be sure all your tools are visible and create TWO DIFFERENT layers to create animations.
  3. AutoCAD Architecture? Checkout Autodesk Fusion 360 --OR-- SketchUp - > Click G Suite for Education
  4. FotoJet -
  5. Color Zilla →, color picker for web page building
  6. Upload to Computer Science Website                         Download the App Version of Simple Editor > download the app version also by the same Author, Kunihiro Ando, without extensions