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1.        Purpose

The School Board recognizes that it is a custodian of the next generation, our nation's most valuable resource. Consequently, this imposes the responsibility to provide facilities, equipment, and training to minimize the effects of disaster. It is the responsibility of the District to develop a District disaster plan that will provide as much protection as possible for students while at school and on their way to and from school and to provide adequate instruction so that the District's emergency plan may be carried out with the greatest possible speed and safety.

2.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The Superintendent shall make recommendations for needed policy statements to the School Board; designate a staff member to act as District emergency coordinator and as chair of the District emergency plan review board; and coordinate a District disaster plan with the local civil defense plan.

Each building principal shall be informed concerning his/her responsibilities for organizing and implementing the emergency preparedness program in their building; select and assign faculty members to various positions or responsibility in accordance with the District plan; request needed emergency preparedness supplies and equipment, and inform parents/guardians concerning the emergency plan program of the District.

Each teacher shall help students to develop confidence in their ability to take care of themselves and to be of help to others; be prepared to provide leadership and activities for students during a period of enforced confinement; be familiar with the psychological basis for working with students under the stress of emergency situations; be familiar with minimum first aid procedures; maintain good housekeeping practices to reduce hazards; and help students to understand and interpret the emergency preparedness plan to parents/guardians.

Each District nurse shall be prepared to render first aid, treat casualties, and identify and tag young children, unconscious persons, and others as indicated, and prepare patients for transportation to hospitals; participate as a health resource person in

faculty studies in the area of curriculum development in determining how to best meet the need for emergency preparedness; and assist the building principal in determining the need for additional emergency supplies and equipment.

The Cafeteria Manager and assistants shall maintain an adequate supply of food and water for emergency use and be prepared for feeding services under emergency conditions.

Custodians and maintenance personnel shall inspect facilities for structural safety and report defects; chart shutoff valves and switches for gas, oil, water, and electricity; post charts so that other personnel may use them in an emergency; keep vehicles serviced and ready to transport evacuees at a moment's notice; and familiarize themselves with available fuel sources in case of power stoppage.

3.        Guidelines

        712 AR –

        712 AR-5

A District disaster plan with emergency procedures has been developed and can be found in each building office.

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