SLOW: Stop, Listen, Observe, Wow!

How to slow down and appreciate the present moment

If you’re anything like me your brain moves FAST and mindfulness practices encourages us to take moments and allow it to slow down and rest on the present moment. But how!? This tool can be used in conjunction with walking meditation to really remind us how to SLOW:

S: STOP: Actually stop walking for a moment.

L: Listen: Take in the textures of sound around you for a full breath.

O: Observe: Focus on one sight, smell or texture and stay with it for a full breath

W: Wow! Wonder at something. Find something that’s here that surprises, impresses or invokes a curiosity. Exclaim “Wow!” if you like. Appreciating the patterns and colours or the movements of the strange positioning of whatever it is you see, hear, smell or touch.

Then walk on.

This tool can be used at any moment. Just remember to SLOW. Things I’ve seen that made me go “Wow!” include:

The point is to realise, again and again, that we live in an incredible world, full of wonder. It’s all happening for you, if you choose to see slow down and enjoy it.