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The Summer 2022 Easy, Breezy, Light, and Fun Casual Boots tournament
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The Summer 2022 Quick, Easy, Breezy, Light, and Fun Casual Boots ALTTPR tournament

Why yet another tournament? I just played a big one. And another big one is coming up. Aren’t there enough?!

You’re not wrong. But those tournaments were stressful, featuring harder modes and generally considered to be  “high stakes” in the ALTTPR community. This is a nice, relaxing, and hopefully zoomy casual boots tournament. Turn your brain off! Just jet through Hyrule without really thinking about it too much.

Tournament Overview

What is expected of you, the participant

Tournament Settings

Pretty simple! It’s right there on the tin - Casual Boots. If you don’t know what that is, here are the settings:

Logic Settings

Goal Settings

Gameplay Settings

Difficulty Settings

Quickswap will be allowed for all races.

Please see for further info on what these settings mean.

Group and Brackets Format


Players will be placed into Groups by a random shuffling of all players who have been admitted into the tournament field.

The First Round will be a Double Round Robin group stage. This will mean all entrants will be split up into groups of 4. In those groups, each player will play the other 3 group members twice during the three week group stage period, for a total of 6 races per racer. Scheduling will be more flexible in this format, so if groups want to complete all races in the first week, they can do so. In the end, all we ask is that you participate in all of your group stage matches, even if you have been mathematically eliminated from moving on to brackets. 

This request is to ensure fairness for the rest of your group members to earn their victories - particularly if bracket positioning is in play, for accurate record keeping for use as a metric for potential group seeding in future iterations of this tournament, and to give your fellow group members their promised races that they are expecting to have when they signed up for this tournament.

Group Stage Tiebreaker re: Advancing to Brackets

If, after the group stage is complete, the top two runners in the group are tied, they are considered co-winners of the group and placed into brackets using their group records for bracket seeding purposes. There is no tiebreaker race between the first and second place ranked racers.

If there is a tie between the second and third seeded runners in the group, we will hold a tiebreaker race, with the winner claiming the second seed advancing to the brackets stage, using their pre-tiebreaker record.

If there is a tie between the first, second, and third seeded runners in the group with the fourth seeded runner below all three tied runners, we will hold a three way tiebreaker race, with the winner and second placer advancing to the bracket stage as co-winners of the group, using their pre-tiebreaker records for bracket seeding purposes.

If there is a tie between the second, third, and fourth seeded runners in the group, we will hold a three way tiebreaker race, with the winner claiming the second seed and advancing to the bracket stage as the group’s second place seed, using their pre-tiebreaker records for bracket seeding purposes.

If there is a tie between all four runners in the group, we will hold a four way tiebreaker race, with the winner and second placer advancing to the bracket stage as co-winners of the group, using their pre-tiebreaker records for bracket seeding purposes.

Special Note:

If a runner chooses to drop out of the tournament during the group stage, all their prior wins shall be vacated and all their opponents shall be awarded wins, resulting in an 0-6 record for the group stage. Should future iterations of this tournament create a rubric for seeding groups, their record will be considered 0-6 for this metric as well.

If you still wish to drop out of the tournament after you have played your first group match, knowing full well what will happen to your record in the group stage and how it will affect potential seeding for future iterations ofthe tournament, as outlined above - please notify an admin. Do not silently drop out as this will increase scheduling difficulties for your fellow group members, as well as for the tournament administrators and moderators.

Runners who do not respond to group pings or direct messages from tournament admins within 96 hours (4 days), unless they have previously stated in their Group channel that they will be unavailable for a set period of time - will be considered to have dropped out of the tournament, will have their records reverted to 0-6, and that record will be used as a metric for any potential group seeding rubrics for future iterations of the tournament. The timeframe for a required response from a Tournament Admin or Group channel ping will be on a sliding scale as the group stage progresses toward its conclusion and ultimately, responses will be required before the end of the group stage, no matter the timeframe of the initial request from a tournament admin or group ping was sent.


The top 2 players in each group advance to the final bracket stage. This will be a single game per round.

Your bracket seed will be determined by these factors in this order:

1. Whether you finished 1st or 2nd place within your group.

2. Your overall win% within the group stage.

3. Lifetime Casual Boots ELO rating from the ALTTPR Ladder

As an example, this means that someone who placed first within their group, and did so completely undefeated will end up with a better seeding in brackets than someone who placed first, but lost a race.

Players will be seeded into Brackets based on Group results. The metric being used is total win percentage. All players with the same winning percentage will be grouped together and assigned sequential seeds based on lifetime ELO in Casual Boots on the ALTTPR Ladder. Seeds will then be placed into pairs and matched together in the Bracket.

The brackets will be filled via seed 1 through 64 based on the following groups of runners. Group A gets the first sequential set of seed starting from seed 1 until they are all assigned a rank number, then Group B, Group C, Group D, and lastly - Group E.

Group A: all the 6-0 winners, sorted by their Casual Boots Lifetime ELO

Group B: all the 5-1 group winners and co-champs, sorted by their Casual Boots Lifetime ELO

Group C: all the 4-2 group winners and co-champs, sorted by their Casual Boots Lifetime ELO

Group D: all the 4-2 group second placers, sorted by their Casual Boots Lifetime ELO

Group E: all the 3-3 group second placers, sorted by their Casual Boots Lifetime ELO

While we recognize that using the Player’s lifetime ELO in Casual Boots on the ALTTPR Ladder is not a perfect metric for breaking ties of the same winning percentage in group play, it is being used as a secondary metric and we as admins feel that using it is better than a random shuffle amongst runners tied with the same winning percentage from group play. Players with fewer Casual Boots races on the ALTTPR Ladder may have a less refined ELO; however, in most cases, this will only favor newer players whose ELO is artificially high by slightly improving their seeding for brackets.

Race Rules

Players must fill out the below registration form and sign up on Challonge. This is so we can associate your and Discord names in order to automate sending seeds via a bot. You only need to fill this form out once.

Inability to finish a race that you have started, regardless of the reason, will still count as a race that you participated in and will result in a forfeit.  Once you have received the seed, leaving the race will be considered a forfeit as well. In all cases, the admins will have the final judgment on race results.

Upon completion of the race the winner will report the race results to Challonge. Any Matches not reported by the end of groups will get a single ping on the final day to remind you; failure to enter it will be a double FF.

In brackets, failure to complete self reporting will also involve a double FF. Please ping an admin if there is an issue with match reporting.

If a race is close (three seconds or less), the race will be re-timed by the administration team.  If the race is still too close to call (as determined by tournament administrators), a tie will be declared.

Tournament Rules

Although not required it is highly recommended that you keep a local recording of your races. If your stream goes down during a race (internet issues), you may be asked to provide proof of your finish time. Local recordings of your entire stream are preferred to just raw game feed and are sufficient to determine the result of a race. If you are having internet issues leading up to the race, please do not continue and race anyway. Instead, please let an admin know and reschedule. If you have internet or technical issues (for a moderate/significant period of time) and cannot provide a local recording then you will be forfeited from that match. There will be no rematches.

If for any reason you were unable to .done correctly during your race, and it will have a meaningful impact on your result, please let an admin know and we will re-time your run.

Failure to appear for your scheduled race, without any notice to your opponent and the admin team, will result in a forfeiture of the race.

If playing on an emulator, you are allowed to fast forward through the end credit sequence but you must show the entirety of your game statistics sequence at normal speed. You must let the statistics sequence finish to the point where it shows your final in-game time and collection rate.  Pressing X to fast forward the credits on console is permitted; you do not need to slow down during stats because it is not fast enough to require that.

We will be using the ruleset as set out by the ALTTPR Racing Council, with the exception that any glitches with rulings that are temporary and have not had a final decision made will be disallowed in the tournament. Any ruling made by the council will go into effect for the tournament 24 hours after it is posted, to allow players in the tournament time to adjust.

We will attempt to keep you informed of any such changes, but it is recommended to follow the racing-council-news channel in the ALTTP Randomizer Discord to stay up to date:

Async Procedures:

While we strongly prefer the races to be live against opponents, we recognize that in extreme and extenuating circumstances, this may not be possible. In this situation, a runner will ask an Admin or Mod for an async race with an explanation as to why they cannot race their opponent live. If an async race is granted, the two runners will then decide who shall run the async first (Runner 1) and who will run it second (Runner 2).

After both runners have completed the async race, the results will be reported in the group channel on Discord.

Additional Tournament Rules:

Hardware/Software Rules

If your preferred emulator isn’t listed, please contact a tournament admin. You may be asked to display your input settings/hotkeys and emulator version before or after a race, if asked.