Proposal for On-Site Chair Massage

The Company

A Kneaded Touch was established in 2015 to provide clients with an oasis to exhale from their daily routines and educate the public on the importance of including massage therapy in their health regimen. The focus of our business is to provide a unique and innovative approach to workplace wellness and stress management for corporate employees with our worksite chair massage stress management program. Our massage therapists are highly trained and hold all of the necessary certifications to ensure all parties are protected (signed waiver). As the demands of our fast-paced society have increased our stress levels, so have the demands for the services of A Kneaded Touch. The success of our business is built on a simple premise: “Do Your Body a Favor.”


With the ever-changing world of business, corporations are faced with the challenge of providing cutting edge services within increasingly competitive markets. This requires top executives and managers to develop more effective, efficient strategies to compete, while placing a greater demand on employees to increase workloads and productivity with less support. As a result, job stress and related mental health problems have become the fastest growing occupational illness of this decade (Wall Street Journal, 2004).

Recent studies show that job stress costs the U.S. an estimated $300 billion ​a ​year in:

* Reduced productivity

* Employee morale

* Increased employee error

        * Absenteeism

        *Sick days

        *Health insurance claims

It is estimated that up to 90 percent​ of all visits to healthcare professionals are for stress-related disorders​, over 50 percent​ of lost workdays are stress-related, and 14 percent​ of workers say stress​ caused them to quit or change jobs in the past two years (Northwestern National Life & UN International Labor Organization, 2003). In recent years, corporations have turned their attention to this growing problem and are investing resources that promote worksite health and stress management. Companies understand that healthier employees yield improved bottom-line results, and are supporting proven and acceptable stress management programs that result in a more efficient, productive work environment.

Benefits of Chair Massage

A typical worksite chair massage is 10 minutes. The employee remains fully clothed and sits on a specially designed chair for maximum comfort while receiving muscle therapy from a skilled massage therapist. A structured massage therapy routine is administered to the head, neck, shoulder, back, arms and hands of the employee to help the circulation of blood in the muscle tissue, thereby assisting the release of tension and stress. The result is a relaxed and rejuvenated employee who is ready to return to work with a happy and healthy attitude.

Here are just a few of the physical and mental benefits chair massage has to offer:


▪ 4-hour minimum

▪ Appointments are scheduled every 10 minutes.

▪ The options listed below are for 1 therapist, 1 visit per week. However, you can have more therapists and visits to accommodate more employees.

Description of Work

Contract Options

Option 1

10 Minute Chair Massage

  1 day a week: 1-year contract


(4 hr. minimum)

Option 2

10 Minute Chair Massage

     1 day a month; month-to-month


(4 hr. minimum)

Option 3

10 Minute Chair Massage

1 day a month; 1-year contract


(4 hr. minimum)