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which products are vegan - vegan?

For a study on veganism, I would like to get in touch with a spokesperson for the supermarket chain.

Our insight has taught us that many people now have a need for fewer animal products and a supermarket can respond well by making this more visible online and in the store.

Actions aimed at veganism and plant-based food patterns are also very welcome and many vegans ask for more clarity on the price tags, so that products are visible in whether or not they are vegan.

The aim is to develop a European law that will give retailers a clear guideline on providing information about products on the shelves is a next step.

For this we would like to ask for your cooperation and get in touch with you about the potential chances of improving your shelves and stores and online offerings.

In some supermarkets, price tags are already changed with color codes or clear logos on them that indicate whether a product is vegan or not and whether there are gluten in the product due to allergies.

Improving the visibility of the products but also the pricing can help people to live more consciously and healthily.

As long as there are still subsidies on the meat industry and animal products and there are still very small-scale productions for vegan options, prices cannot have any impact.

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