1 ∇ No school for public and private schools.

        8 ∇ January Term begins for University students.  Taking a class during January Term is optional.  If a student does not take a class, they will continue their holiday break.

        15 ∇ No school for public and private schools.

        19 ∇ Francis Lyon's birthday.

        21 ∇ Lucy Lyon's birthday.

        24 ∇ Hunter Campbell's birthday.

        29 ∇ No school for publicand private schools, students only.

        30 ∇ Calla Puri's birthday.

        30 ∇ January Term ends for University students.

        30 ∇ SPRING MUSICAL AUDITIONS.  It's time for the spring musical for the high schools!  Both the public and private schools will come together to put on the production.  More information about the audition process and the chosen musical will be announced in the OOC.  The cast list will be announced at the schools on the 31st.


        3 ∇ Mikhail Nikolaev's birthday.

3 MASQUERADE.  Held at the Jazz House, this is an annual party that takes place the first Saturday in February. Requiring fancy attire and a mask, as well as a ticket purchased ahead of time, this is one of the more fancy events in town with dinner and dancing and more or less anyone that's anyone (so long as they're 18+) makes an effort to attend.

5-6 ∇ Parent-Teacher Conferences for public and private schools.

        8 ∇ Spring semester begins for University students.

        10 ∇ MASQUERADE DANCE.  It's the annual masquerade for the public and private high schools, reminiscent of the one last weekend for the 18+ crowd.  The dance takes place at the Dunhaven Hotel and students come in formal dresses and masks.  More info to come.

        13 ∇ Lyllianna Stone's birthday.

        19 ∇ No school for public & private schools.

        21 ∇ Rowena Hyland's birthday.


        9 ∇ Zora Steele's birthday.

        10 ∇ Remington Steele's birthday.

        11 ∇ Nick Waters' birthday.

        12 ∇ Waverly Lane's birthday.

26-30 SPRING BREAK.  Applicable to all schools.

27 ∇ Jahan Puri's birthday.

30 ∇ Brynn Stone's birthday.


1  ANNUAL EASTER HUNT. Taking place the Saturday before Easter at the town hall and open for children up to age 12. Take pictures with the Easter bunny and search for the eggs (plastic and filled with candy!) that have been hidden around the grounds. In case of bad weather, the hunt is brought inside the building.

2 ∇ Margaret and Rupert Shield's birthdays.

2 ∇ SPRING BREAK.  Applicable to all schools.

4 ∇ Aleida Grant's birthday.

14 ∇ Quincy Sparks's birthday.

14-15 ∇ SPRING MUSICAL.  It's time for the students to show off their hard work as they've prepared the spring musical.  More info to come.

16 ∇ No school for public and private schools.

28  SPRING TOWN CLEANUP DAY: The last Saturday of April, starting at 9AM and going until midnight. Town employees and residential volunteers alike meet at the town hall and are divided into different groups and all have different tasks to help clean up the town to get ready for spring and summer. Lunch and dinner are provided at the town hall for all those who participate.

30 ∇ Grace Rojas's birthday.


        5 ∇ PROM.  It's the biggest and most exciting dance of them all for the public and private school students.  This year's theme and more details will be announced in the OOC.

        8 ∇ Cassia Holt's birthday.

        13 ∇ Beau Alderman and Callum Marshall's birthdays.

        16 ∇ Oliver Sparks's birthday.

        18 ∇ Last day of Spring semester classes for university students.

        21-24 ∇ Finals week for university students.

        23 ∇ Mateo Huerta's birthday.

        24 ∇ Charlotte Parker's birthday.

        26 ART ON THE RIVER. Held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, the art gallery hosts a collection of art by local artists, children and adults alike. It is hosted in Ravens Park with the art on display from 1PM-5PM.

        26-27 ∇ MEMORIAL MUSIC FEST. Taking place in Erikson Park during the weekend of Memorial Day, each day starts at 12PM and runs until 11PM. Bands play throughout the day, usually with more obscure bands during the earlier hours and then more popular bands coming in later on in the day. Food and beer stands and carnival games are also set up around the park, with the day ending on Sunday with a firework display. This event is aimed more for adults, but there is no age requirement.

        27 ∇ Graduation for university students.

        28 MEMORIAL DAY.  No school for public and private schools.


        1 ∇ Last day of school for seniors at private and public schools.

        2-3  SPRING ARTS & CRAFTS SHOW. Held in Ravens Park during the first full weekend in June, the town hosts a two-day arts and crafts fair. Vendors from all over come to show off their wares to visitors from just as far around.

        2-3 RENAISSANCE FAIRE. Beginning the first full weekend of June and running through July is the Dunhaven Renaissance Faire, which is held on their grounds near the edge of town. Come down for some mead and enjoy the magic and chivalry as it comes to life before your eyes.

        3 ∇ Graduation for public and private schools.

        6 ∇ Oceana Ridgeway's birthday.

        8 ∇ Last day for remaining students at public and private schools.

        15 ∇ Nina Deforest's birthday.

        22 ∇ Annie Scott's birthday.


        1-7 CARNIVAL. Taking place every year the first seven days of July, a traveling carnival sets itself up in one of the empty fields near the edge of town. Come for rides, carnival food, and lots of games to win prizes! Opens every day at 12PM and closes at midnight.

2 ∇ Violet's birthday.

        4 ∇ Sarah Grant's birthday.

        4 FOURTH OF JULY.  Independence Day is a pretty big deal in Dunhaven and much of the town gets into the spirit of things. Many of the shops and restaurants have deals, the carnival is still going, there's a carnival downtown at noon, and there's a street dance that starts at 7PM and goes until midnight. The fireworks display at dusk can't be missed -- literally. There's barely a place in town that can't see the fireworks lighting up the sky in some way.

        17 ∇ Danielle Drake's birthday.

        28 ∇ TASTE OF DUNHAVEN. Still a relatively new event, Taste of Dunhaven allows vendors from around the town show off their culinary prowess to the lucky ones that can score one of the limited number of tickets that are available. Taking place in the ballroom of the Dunhaven Hotel, ticket proceeds go to a local charity. Along with the food, there is live music and a silent auction to raise more money.


        1 ∇ FOUNDING DAY. This event celebrates the founding of Dunhaven by Nathaniel Ravensworth. The celebration takes place downtown, where the main street is sectioned off for an all day festival of food, live entertainment, and sidewalk booths. The evening ends there as well with a Sadie Hawkins style dance.

9 ∇ Lennox Archer's birthday.

18-19 ∇ COMMUNITY YARD SALE. Taking place in the parking lot and grounds of the town hall during August, all members of Dunhaven are invited to donate any clothes, toys, books, or whatever else they might have lying around their house. All proceeds made from the event go toward the town's trust for community events -- this sale is often a big contributor to making sure Dunhaven has all sorts of fun for their citizens!

        20 ∇ Finnley Parker's birthday.

        25  BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY. Though not an officially sanctioned party by the city, the Back to School Party has been going on for generations. Students from both the public and private high schools gather in the woods to have a bonfire and have one last hurrah the Saturday before school starts. The party has only had to be broken up by the cops a few times, though otherwise they look the other way so long as there aren't any complaints and nothing gets too out of hand.

        27 ∇ First day of school for private and public schools.

        26-28 ∇ Freshman orientation for university.

        29 ∇ Fall semester begins for University students.


        1 ∇ Josie Reed's birthday.

        3 ∇ Labor Day.  No school for all schools.

        3 ∇ LABOR DAY BLOCK PARTY. Held on Labor Day every year, the main street downtown is blocked off for a community block party. Everyone is invited to bring a dish to pass, but the real draw is the BBQ Contest, where grills are lined up down the street and anyone can sign up to compete to make the best barbecue in Dunhaven. The winners are decided upon by the city council and are given bragging rights and a plaque.

        7 ∇ Finn Solomon's birthday.

        10 ∇ Maxon Winters's birthday.

        14 ∇ Eleanor Marshall's birthday.

        15 ∇ Kiera and Niall Malone's birthdays.

        15 WRAV SCAVENGER HUNT. Held every year in September, WRAV hosts a scavenger hunt that takes people all over Dunhaven. It's become more elaborate every year -- as have the prizes. This year the prizes are all cash, with first prize being $1000, second prize being $500, and third prize being $250.

        19 ∇ Juno Gerges's birthday.

        21-23 ∇ Family weekend at the university.

        30 ∇ Eve Ritter's birthday.


        4-6 HOMECOMING. The weekend of homecoming is always a big deal in Dunhaven, starting with the pep rally on Thursday evening, then going into the football game on Friday, and the dance itself at the high school on Saturday night. It seems like the majority of the town shuts down on Friday night and everyone is down at Dunhaven High School to cheer on their team.

        8 ∇ No school for private and public schools.

        12-16 ∇ Fall break for University students.

        13-14 HARVEST FESTIVAL. Held the first full weekend of October in Ravens Park, the Harvest Festival has been a town tradition for generations. Even more popular than the Spring Arts & Crafts Show, the Harvest Festival draws huge crowds to the small town. Vendors sell arts and crafts, restaurants have stands with different types of foods, the 4-H holds competitions, amusement park rides are put up for kids, a street dance on Saturday night, and so much more. There is even a pageant for Harvest Queen (open to girls ages 16-21 and comes with a $500 scholarship) and two Harvest Princesses (open to girls ages 12-15 and comes with a $250 scholarship) and a parade on Sunday afternoon with a competition for marching bands from around the state.

22 ∇ Aleksandr Nikolaev's birthday.

27 ∇ FALL TOWN CLEANUP DAY. The last Saturday of October, starting at 9AM and going until midnight. Town employees and residential volunteers alike meet at the town hall and are divided into different groups and all have different tasks to help clean up the town to get ready for winter. Lunch and dinner are provided at the town hall for all those who participate.

        29 ∇ Malachi Lane's birthday.


        3 ∇ Vega Rodriguez's birthday.

        5 ∇ Sora Hondo-Smith's birthday.

5 ∇ No school for public and private schools, students only.

        20 ∇ Jade Reed's birthday.

        21 ∇ Diego Rojas and Tobias Epstein's birthdays.

        21-23 ∇ Thanksgiving break for all students.

22 ∇ THANKSGIVING.  For all those that might not have family to see on the holiday or can't afford a big meal, a free Thanksgiving meal is provided at the town hall from 6PM-8PM. Volunteers are welcome to help prepare and serve food.


        1 ∇ ANNUAL TREE LIGHTING. Held on December 1st at the town hall, the many Christmas decorations, including a large tree, are turned on at 8PM. Come early for Christmas carol performances from the choir at Dunhaven High School, hot chocolate and apple cider, and some words from the mayor.

        7 ∇ Last day of fall semester classes for University students.

        10-13 ∇ Finals week for University students.

        14 ∇ Start of holiday break for University students.

        15 ∇ HOLIDAY DANCE.  For private and public schools.

        20 ∇ Start of holiday break for private and public schools.

22 WINTER FAIR. Held the Saturday before Christmas, the Winter Festival is largely a children oriented event with Santa Claus riding into the town hall parking lot to say hello and pose for pictures. Food, games, and entertainment are all provided for an afternoon of Christmas themed fun. Takes place at the town hall from 12PM-5PM.

24 ∇ Denver Meadowes's birthday.

        25 ∇ Christmas.

        26 ∇ Rhys Stone's birthday.

        31  NEW YEAR'S DANCE.  This is an annual dance held at the ballroom of the Dunhaven Hotel to celebrate the new year with good music and some refreshments. People tend to go all out and it's become a more fancy event in recent years.