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77.30 Drafts
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77.30 Drafts

743. I have to put together my list of ebooks to write over these 77 days.  I am on a mission to break free of my environment.  My three areas of interest will make for ebooks, articles, and posts to flood my blogs with content and to build lists.

744. If I can get my new style IMBRA off the ground, I need to find some way to include a poison pill to keep it from being copied.

745. As Ernest Renan observed, Marcus was writing for an audience of one. “Never,” Renan said, “has one written more simply for himself, for the sole end of emptying his heart, with no other witness than God.” That’s what journaling is about. Getting the thoughts out of our head, the anguish out of our hearts, and onto the page. It’s a way of clarifying and alleviating, excising and exercising.

For centuries—nay, millennia—people have been pouring themselves into private journals. Some did it at night. Some did it in the morning. Some did it in sporadic bursts or on rare occasion. But in literally countless cases, journaling has been a source of relief and self-guidance.

746. I’m trying again to use paper notebooks for first drafts.  I have to adjust my schedule to get this done right.  The cafes at UF Shands Jax are the easiest place fodr me to work, but it takes about an hour to an hour and a half from Cobblestone to get there.  Still, it might be worth it.

747. Do drafts by hand, and then entry into the daily pdf each night starting as soon as midnight.  I’m not getting to sleep quite early enough to wake up at 1:11 am.  These handwritten notes are the basis of all articles, posts, and ebooks.

748. My ex’s cousin, a lovely woman from Southern California, completed her doctorate - with $300,000 in student loan debt.  I can’t remember the field, but I believe it is related to psychology and sociology. To get rid of it, she is taking a job in the school system for 10 years, and the debt will be forgiven.  Sounds like civil ROTC.

749. The more walking I can do each day, the better off I will be.  Walkabout Solopreneur includes walkabout, after all.  Needs to be a way of life.

750. I may have to shift to a real nightshift.  What are the hours that belong to me?

751. “There has been a big shift in terms of who should bear the burden of the cost of education,” said Benjamin Keys, a Wharton real estate professor with a specialty in household finance and debt. “We know the stories of our parents, that they could earn enough working as a lifeguard in the summer to pay for a semester of college. The growth of tuition costs relative to teen wages — indeed, all wages — has veered sharply upwards.”


752. Big employers like Walmart and Amazon “underpay” their workers and are subsidized by taxpayers in the form of food stamps and other benefit programs.  Everyone blames the corporations, but they are following the laws Congress set up for them.  Socialism is making a comeback.

753. One thing I must do is adjust WS to get the maximum benefit and prepare myself to leave this house.  We cannot take care of her for long.  The house will eventually be sold to pay for her care.  I will be out of here sooner.

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