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  High School of Hospitality Management

                      Yves Mompoint, Principal  

                 Katia Drouillard, Assistant Principal

                                  525 West 50th Street

                                 New York, NY 10019

          Phone: (212) 586-0963 / Facsimile: (646) 557-3936


            Cell Phone Policy

HSHM strives to provide a ‘Distraction Free Environment' to all its students in order to promote academic excellence and increase opportunities for interpersonal interactions.  As a result, cellphones and other electronic devices should not be used in class during school hours, except during lunch.

If a student uses a cellphone or other electronic devices in class without the expressed permission of the classroom teacher, the student may be subject to disciplinary procedures, which may include but not limited to being assigned a Yondr Pouch for a specified period of time for the duration of the school day.  

Yonder pouch is considered school property.  It is the student’s responsibility to return the assigned pouch at the end of their instructional school day.


Building Entrance: As students enter the building, they will:

  1. Turn off their phone.
  2. Store it in their backpack.

Each student will maintain possession of their cellphone for the duration of the school day.

Student Lunch Period:

  1. Students have use of all electronic devices while at lunch.
  2. After lunch, students should turn off their phones.
  3. Store it in their backpack.

Building Exit: As students exit the building at the end of the school day, they will:

  1. Turn on their phones.
  2. Return Yondr case, if applicable.


Below is a list of potential student violations. Each of these violations will result in the student’s phone and/or pouch being confiscated by the school Dean.

  1. Using a phone during school hours other than lunch.
  2. Physical damage to the pouch in an attempt to circumvent its intended purpose. (Ex: Discoloration, pen marks, bent pin or stripped lock inside the pouch)
  3. Forgetting or losing the pouch.

Disciplinary Action

  1. Phone + Pouch will be confiscated and parent/guardian will be notified immediately.  Student’s parent/guardian must come to the school to pick up their child’s phone and a replacement pouch may be assigned.
  2. The student will only be allowed to bring a phone back to school if they or their parent/guardian pay a $20 fee to replace the damaged school property.        

Yondr cases are school property and HSHM is a distraction free environment. Students who violate this policy may face additional consequences in accordance with the New York City Department Disciplinary Code. 

Thank you for your cooperation and participation to help us create a distraction-free environment.  Please contact Mr. McHale, Dean, at (212) 586-0963 with any questions or concerns.