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Festival Work        

           TITLE                                                   ROLE                         FESTIVAL                       PRODCUTION

        CHOICES                                              Editor        Film&Her Film Festival Choice              SUNY Fredonia Productions

        Burning at Both Ends                         Editor        Fredonia Film Festival Best u/o Prop   geo 9 Productions

        KrellRaiser                                    Assistant Editor        Fredonia Film Festival                             SUNY Fredonia Productions

        Cerebrum                                     Assistant Editor        Fredonia Film Festival                              SUNY Fredonia Productions

        Sparrow                                                Auteur            NYSSA Application Best Film               BAVPA Productions

Post Production

Video Production


        Edict Zero FIS        Supporting/Multiple Roles        Jack Kincaid, Slipgate 9 Entertainment

        Nightmare Magazine        Narrator        Stefan Rudnicki, Skyboat Media

        Jamdora Radio        Co-Host, Co-DJ        W.C.V.F, 88.9, Fredonia Campus Radio

Training and Education

        SUNY Fredonia                                                                                     BS Comm. Video Prod. Degree | BFA Acting Degree

        Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts (B.A.V.P.A.)          Theatre Diploma | Regents Diploma

Communication Video Production Classes, SUNY Fredonia:

Video Field Production, Postproduction, Studio Production, Audio, Scriptwriting, Directing, Fiction Capstone

Acting For Media Classes, SUNY Fredonia:

 Teacher’s Assistant under Ted Sharon. Assembled footage in Final Cut Pro for acting reels, taught actors how to act for the camera, taught students basic camera operating skills, worked with camera drones.

Communication Elective, Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts (B.A.V.P.A:)

 Learned to use Final Cut Pro, learned rudimentary Photoshop skills, participated in film festivals

Studied under:  Mark Kiyak, Jane Jackson, Roslin Smith, Jamshid Vafai, Ted Sharon, Gary Puffpaff                      (6 years)

Special Skills

Professional Actor, Singer; Strong in Post Production; In possession of a RED Epic Dragon X; Valid US and UK Passport/Citizenship, US Driver’s License; Proficient Knitter; Rudimentary carpentry and sewing skills; Excellent with children; Can solve Rubik’s Cube; Can recite 190 digits of Pi.