Project Completion Report

Student Scholarship Program

Project Location: Across Bangladesh

Duration:January 2018 - March 2018

Submitted to:

Muslim Family Gathering Ottawa (MFGO),Canada


House # 16, Road # 05

Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205








Student scholarship Program



Target of the scholarship



Objective of the scholarship



Specific objectives



Expected results



Activities performed



Selection of colleges and students


 Award giving ceremony



Cultural Events







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SUROVI is a non government voluntary organization. From a holy desire of its founder Ms. Iqbal Mand Banu, a visionary and noted social worker initiated this distinct organization in 1979. Initially, the honorable founder starts the organization through establishing a school at Dhanmondi, Dhaka for the urban disadvantage and working children with the objective to ensure their basic rights to education. Gradually the organization has extending it’s working location both  in urban and rural areas and the programs are now reaching in different division, districts and Upazillas of Bangladesh The organization is working with disadvantage children and women with a view to ensure education& livelihood, basic needs and rights of the vulnerable children, women, working children, out of school children, primary and secondary school students, orphan & disable children and adolescents to bring them out from vulnerable situation and to prepare them as human resources so that they could be able to establish themselves and contribute to the society as well nation building. SUROVI has firm commitment to up-lift the vulnerable children which compliance to the objective of the United Nations declaration of the rights of the children.

SUROVI is implementing the programs/project like; Early child care and development, Inclusive education, Primary education support, Education support to children working in street, Education support to out of school children, Children Scholarship, Student scholarship, Prevention and reduce child and forced marriage, Reduce violence against children, girl and women, Emergency support to Rohingya & flood victim people, Child and Human rights, Community Based Child Protection, Scholarship for orphan student, Primary health& nutrition support to women and children, Food and Economic Security, Entrepreneurship. Water & Sanitation, Safe water for Arsenic victims, Climate &Environment, Poverty Alleviation, ICT, Technical and vocational training for youths. Women empowerment and Awareness & Advocacy.

SUROVI’s major focus on education program because it believes that education is the only vehicle to changes everything when children have access to education; it can change their lives entirely enabling them to complete for jobs and become financially independent. It’s true that overall through education that is the backbone of the society; one can move forward in one’s life by becoming a contributing member of the family, society rather than depended.

Muslim Family Gathering Ottawa (MFGO),Canada

The MFGO is a charitable organization situated in Ottawa, Canada, This is an initiative by Bangladeshi community living in the Ottawa. The aim of the project is to support financially challenged students in Bangladesh with sound academic records and help improve their socioeconomic status. It strives to give scholarships to College students in different districts of Bangladesh.

The MFGO’s devoted members are concentrated to work for the betterment of the poor and talented students of Bangladesh for continuing their higher education as a result of acute financial constraints.  In Bangladesh, a lot of talented students become out of mainstream higher education as they have no financial supports to continue higher education. It’s an unfortunate and fatal story for those students. MFGO feels it heartily and pays its concentration to have some sorts of assistance for the sake of higher education of these students through providing education scholarship. SUROVI and on behalf of the students of the project would like to convey its gratitude to members of the MFGO and in particular Dr.SayedSajjadur Rahman, Coordinator, MFGO for the decent efforts to Bangladeshi students. SUROVI hopes to be part of this holy efforts with MFGO for long time.

StudentScholarship program:

SUROVI with the support of Muslim Family Gathering Ottawa (MFGO), Canada is providing education scholarship to the talent and poor student in colleges. The assistance bring them out from vulnerable situation and to complete their education which ultimately increase their confidence to gain higher education and inspire to be a human resources and  be able to establish and contribute to the family,society and nation.

Target of scholarshipprogram

The main target group is the talent students studying in colleges and from poor families living in rural and urban community who are financially challenged to continue their education uninterrupted.

Objectives of the scholarship

The objective of the scholarship project is to bring a change in the society especially on education sector. The project aimed to assist the talented and poor students from colleges of Bangladesh for continuing their education with necessary supports.

Specific Objective of the project

To provide education assistance to 16 students from different colleges. Among them 08 (eight) are female and 08 (eight) are male. Each student received an amount of BDT 25,000 through one installment.

Expected Result

Activities performed

Selection of Colleges and Students: Students were selected following set criteria of MFGO. College and Students were selected by a committee of MFGO through a transparent and reliable process.  The process was given emphasize on students came from very poor family and have an evidence of their good results in the examination.

Organized Award giving ceremony:          

Award giving ceremony washeld on 24th January, 2018 at SUROVI premises. The awarding ceremony organized by SUROVI. Through this event a total of 16 students received BDT 25,000 each for their education expenses. A short discussion on the scholarship program was held on its necessity, objectives and role of students for proper utilization of the scholarship amount Dr.SayedSajjadur Rahman, Coordinator, MFGO  was the chief guest, Mr. Abu Taher, Executive Director, SUROVI Dr. M. Azizur Rahman, Professor ( Retd), Department of Botany, Chittagong University and   Ms. Munira Sultana Rahman was the special guest.

Awarding Ceremony

The scholarship distribution ceremony started with handing over the cheque  to 16 (sixteen) students come from different districts of Bangladesh. The chief guest, special guests and representative from guardians handed over the cheques to the students.

Feelings sharing by the Student and Guardians

On behalf of students and guardians five student and three guardians shared their feelings in the ceremony. The students and guardians expressed their high satisfaction to MFGO for the scholarship. The student told that it will be a great help for continuation of their higher education. They promised that they will utilize the scholarship money for their education. The guardians hoped that they will encourage their son & daughters to utilize the scholarship in a proper way. Both the student and guardians have requests to MFGO to continue the support in Bangladesh.

Dr. M Azizur Rahman appreciated the MFGO for this noble support for the students of Bangladesh. He advised the student and guardian to use the scholarship money for education purpose. He cited example that nobody can achieve the desired position in the society without education. He congratulates the students for their talent and brilliant result. He hoped that the students will serve their family, society and nation with utmost sincerity and honesty. He conveyed his sincere thanks to SUROVI and in particular Mr.AbuTaher for organizing the ceremony very decorative and colorful.

Mr. AbuTaher, Executive Director of SUROVI, greatly appreciate the Chief Guest Dr.Sajjadur Rahman for giving opportunity to SUROVI to arrange the ceremony. He informed the audience that SUROVI is a non-government organization devoted for the education and development of the vulnerable children. SUROVI has started it’s journey since 1979 with the holy desire of it’s honorable Founder and Chairperson Ms. Syeda Iqbal MandBanu. She is sacrificing huge for this organization and to support thein vulnerable children’s education. SUROVI has passed it’s 39 years as one of the leading organization to uplift the fate of thousands distressed children. Mr. Taher expressed his satisfaction to MFGO for the scholarship to talent students in Bangladesh. He advised the students to utilize the scholarship money for their education. He requests the guardians to look after their son & daughter to keep them in right track with   proper guidance. He hoped that a new bridge of relationship among the MFGO and SUROVI has linked up from today and it will continue for long time Insha Allah.

Dr. Sayed Sajjadur Rahman,

Coordinator (MFGO)congratulates the students for their talent and good progress in education. He advice the students to be more attentive to continue their higher education with brilliant result. He told that without education nobody will achieve the desire position and gain the respect and honor from the society and nation. He assured that MFGO scholarship will continue in future but we hope that the students should progress their education with good result. He cited example that today some students has received the scholarship for second time due to their good result and continuation in education. The chief guest requested the guardians to guide their children to be a good human being and to serve the society and nation with honesty and sincerity. He highly appreciate Mr.AbuTaher, ED, SUROVI for the cordial support to him and MFGO to distribute the scholarship. The chief guest thanks to the students and guardians for travelling long distance and attending the ceremony. He express his gratitude to the special guests and audience for their patience and participation in the ceremony.

Mr. Mohammad Masud, Program Director, SUROVI thanks to the Chief Guests, Special guests, Guardians and Students for their participation in the ceremony. He requests the students that they will be the change maker to prevent the bad elements in the society. In particular they should campaign and take lead for the   elimination of drug addiction and anti-social activities from their institution as well society. He appreciate the chief guest & MFGO for their excellent support to the talent students of Bangladesh.

Cultural Event

The students of SUROVI presented a cultural program in honor of distinguished guests. It was appreciated by Chief Guest, special guests and audience.



The Scholarship Program of MFGO brought meaningful changes in the education for the college level students of Bangladesh. The meritorious students of different locations became confidence to continue their higher studies by the intensive supports from the project. This noble initiative was appreciated by the people of all corners. The distribution of scholarship was very transparent and appropriated in terms of selection of students. SUROVI would like to continue the project with the supports of MFGO and the result of education sector will touch the peak of goals of Strategic Development Goals (SDG) within the stipulated timeframe.






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Total Taka.



In Word : Four lac Nine thousand Taka only

Not : Receive CA $ 4656.25 & Cash BD Taka- 1,11,000.00

1 CA $ = 64.00 BD Taka.