St. Gemma Catholic School Council

No-Fuss Fundraiser 2018-19


St. Gemma Catholic School Council (CSC) sponsors many events and activities to help provide a wonderful learning, social, and spiritual environment for our children and their families. Here is a list of some of the student-focussed programming and community-building events we support at little or no cost to participants:

We need your help to continue these valuable events and activities!

Our goal is to collect $3,500 to be used throughout the school year

for all the items listed above (that’s approximately $12 per child at St. Gemma).  

CSC is thus putting forth a “No-Fuss Fundraiser” which gives parents and guardians the opportunity to make a donation without any fuss.  This will be CSC’s *main fundraiser* for the year -> 100% of the money raised will directly benefit your child and the school community at large.  Please consider making a contribution to the CSC for 2018-19 and inviting extended family and friends to do so as well.  

Will you make a small gift today? 

Consider donating $5, $10, $20 or more... it’s entirely up to you!

It’s very easy and convenient: go to and follow the instructions.

 Please make your contribution by Friday, November 30, 2018.  

Still need convincing to make a donation to CSC? Use this checklist:

 I do not want to deal with door-to-door sales, collect money, deliver goods, etc.

 I do not want to bake cookies or decorate a cake.

I do not want to walk, swim or run in any activity that has the word “thon” in it.  

I like to know that my donation will make a difference at the school and is appreciated.

Thank you in advance - your donation will ensure that CSC continues to

offer an enriching and supportive environment at St. Gemma.  

*Kindly note that this fundraiser is completely separate from our efforts

to raise capital funds for a new school play structure.*