Disney Charades Logic Puzzle Guide

  1. Pocahontas’s clue says the pig and bear are impersonating each other, and the only pig and bear in the puzzle are Piglet and Winnie the Pooh. Piglet is imitating Winnie the Pooh
  2. … and Winnie the Pooh is imitating Piglet.
  3. Piglet’s clue says everyone adjacent to him is a cat or acting like one, and Pooh’s clue says everyone adjacent to him is acting like a villain. Piglet and Pooh share an adjacent cell, so it must be the only villainous cat in the puzzle. Bambi is imitating Scar.
  4. Bambi’s clue says Simba is imitating Bambi.
  5. Bambi’s clue also says siblings are impersonating each other, so Anna is imitating Elsa
  6. … and Elsa is imitating Anna.
  7. Anna’s clue says the only prince not miming an animal is pretending to be his love, and Simba’s clue says everyone is his column is pretending to be an animal. The only prince in the puzzle that is not in Simba’s column and does not have to imitate an animal is Beast, so Beast is imitating Belle.
  8. Beast’s clue says Jasmine and Tinkerbell are pretending to be their villains, so Jasmine is imitating Jafar…
  9. … and Tinkerbell is imitating Captain Hook.
  10. Jasmine’s clue says everyone in her row are acting like male characters, and Pooh’s clue says everyone adjacent to him is a villain. Sebastian is both in Jasmine’s row and adjacent to Pooh, and the only male villain remaining is Gaston, so Sebastian is imitating Gaston.
  11. Sebastian’s clue says the sleeping princesses are pretending to be each other, so Snow White is imitating Aurora
  12. … and Aurora is imitating Snow White.
  13. Snow White’s clue says everyone adjacent to her is impersonating each other, and Elsa’s clue says everyone in the corners are acting like characters whose names appear in film titles. Robin Hood is both adjacent to Snow White and in the corner, so he must be imitating either Dumbo or Cinderella (he cannot imitate himself). Simba’s clue says everyone in his column is pretending to be an animal, so Prince Phillip and Prince Charming must be imitating the only two animals adjacent to Snow White: Robin Hood and Dumbo. This leaves Robin Hood imitating Cinderella.
  14. Robin Hood’s clue says Pinocchio is imitating Beast.
  15. Simba’s clue says everyone in his column is pretending to be an animal. From step 13 we already know Dumbo and Robin Hood will be imitated by Prince Phillip and Prince Charming. From Piglet’s clue, we know Prince Eric, Aladdin, and Maleficent are acting like cats, and there only three cats remaining in the puzzle: Simba, Tigger, and Cheshire Cat. There is only one animal remaining in the puzzle for Mulan to act as, so Mulan is imitating Sebastian.
  16. Mulan’s clue says she is adjacent to Simba’s and Cheshire’s impersonators, and from the previous step we know the remaining cats are being acted by Eric, Maleficent, and Aladdin. Aladdin is not adjacent to Mulan, so Simba is either being impersonated by Mulan or Maleficent. Pinocchio’s cue says Simba’s impersonator is in his column, but Tinkerbell’s clue says Pinocchio only tells lies, so Simba cannot be in Pinocchio’s column. This means Prince Eric is imitating Simba
  17. … and Maleficent is imitating Cheshire Cat.
  18. Tigger is the only remaining cat, and Aladdin is the only remaining character that is adjacent to Piglet, so Aladdin is imitating Tigger.
  19. Aladdin’s clue says characters in the first row are pretending to be Rapunzel and Pinocchio, and Elsa’s clue says everyone is the corners are acting like characters whose names appear in film titles. From step 15 we know Prince Phillip is imitating either Robin Hood or Dumbo, so this leaves Gaston and Ariel as the two remaining characters in the top row. Rapunzel is not a titular character and cannot be in the corner, so Ariel is imitating Pinocchio
  20. … and Gaston is imitating Rapunzel.
  21. Aurora’s clue says her love interest’s and antagonist’s impersonators share a row. This means the characters acting as Prince Phillip and Maleficent are in the second row because either Dumbo or Cinderella are imitating Prince Phillip based on Snow White’s clue. Ariel’s clue says Maleficent’s impersonator is in her column, but Tinkerbell’s clue says Pinocchio’s impersonator only tells lies. This means Ariel is lying and Maleficent is not in her column. Prince Charming also cannot imitate Maleficent because she is not adjacent to Snow White, so Belle is imitating Maleficent.
  22. Piglet’s cule says everyone adjacent to him is pretending to be a villain, and Cruella and Ursula are the only remaining villains in the puzzle. Cruella cannot impersonate herself, so Cruella de Vil is imitating Ursula
  23. … and Rapunzel is imitating Cruella de Vil.
  24. Simba’s clue says Aladdin’s and Jasmine’s impersonators are vertically adjacent, and Maleficent’s clue says Ariel’s and Eric’s impersonators are vertically adjacent. We already know the four open cells adjacent to Snow White are imitating each other, so only two adjacent pairs of cells remain: Mowgli/ Hook and Cheshire/Scar. Rapunzel’s clue says Aladdin is in the same row as his impersonator, so Cheshire Cat is imitating Aladdin
  25. … and Scar is imitating Jasmine.
  26. Jasmine’s clue says everyone in her row is acting like a male character, so Captain Hook is imitating Prince Eric
  27. … and Mowgli is imitating Ariel.
  28. Ariel’s clue says Dumbo is imitating Prince Charming
  29. … and Prince Charming is imitating Dumbo.
  30. From step 15 we now know that Prince Phillip is imitating Robin Hood.
  31. From step 21 we now know that Cinderella is imitating Prince Phillip.
  32. From Rapunzel’s clue we know Tarzan’s and Tinkerbell’s impersonators are adjacent. Tarzan and Jafar are the only adjacent cells remaining, but Tarzan cannot impersonate himself, so Jafar is imitating Tarzan
  33. … and Tarzan is imitating Tinkerbell.
  34. The last remaining characters are Mowgli and Pocahontas, and Elsa’s clue says everyone in the corners are acting like characters whose names appear in film titles. Mowgli is not a titular character, so Ursula is imitating Pocahontas
  35. ...and Tigger is imitating Mowgli.