SCASL Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2019

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  1. Call to Order - President, Heather Thore at 10:02

  1. Roll Call
  1. In Attendance:   Heather Thore, Cathy Jo Nelson, Susan Myers, Elizabeth Bryant, Camellia Harris, Heather Loy, Pamela Williams, Ayanna Mayes, Ljubica Arceneaux (10:43), Angela Durham, Cheryl Robinette, Shannon Ryan, Elizabeth Graham, Jenny Dilworth, Elizabeth Gregory,  Elizabeth Wain, Kristie Haltiwanger, Wendy Rollins (in at 10:35), Jennifer Tazerouti, Tamara Cox, Jennifer Thrift, Diane Ervin, Katherine Malmquist

  1. Not In Attendance:  Christy James, Lucy Green, Regina Thurmond,  Anya Bonnette

  1. Minutes - Secretary, Susan Myers
  1.  Vote unanimous to accept the minutes

  1. Treasurer - Camellia Harris
  1. Shared budget
  2. She will hold off on PBA
  3. Survey Monkey? Coming up for renewal - does it provide something that Google Form does not?  Replace with Google Form so don’t have to pay $330
  1. Heather Loy moved to Google and says it works
  2. Thore says that the volunteer survey is in monkey but can be changed
  3. Cathy Jo concerned about losing data; Thore says yes to being able to get the data; Loy will get the data from Survey Monkey
  1. Move to cancel Survey Monkey and to use Google Forms instead.  The forms will need to be in the SCASL Google account.  
  1. Pam seconded
  2. Vote unanimous to accept

  1. Executive Secretary - Diane Ervin
  1. Up to 783 members; more conference members this year (compared to last at same time) and expecting to pick up more
  2. Another order of standards - at 492 (books)

  1. Past President’s Report - Cathy Jo
  1. Greenville haven’t done anything special but want us to select them; bill was in $40,000 range
  1. Cons:  construction for next 3 years, people will opt out of meals because of restaurants
  2. Pros:  once in can avoid traffic, restaurants
  1. Charleston - Offering to pay for  Past President reception is the only sweetener
  1. Cost $50,000
  2. Pro: embassy suites big enough
  3. Daily wine reception
  4. No charge for parking unless someone else is there
  1. Marriott Spartanburg
  1. Can handle parking and host everyone at hotel
  2. Stuff is close but will also offer trolley
  3. Cost total is 38,000 to start
  1. Opinions - people saying Spartanburg; a couple of people saying Charleston because we haven’t been in the low state in awhile; av not included at Charleston; Charleston expensive
  2. Cathy jo wants to go ahead and commit because venues might have to change quotes
  3. 12 for Spartanburg in discussion
  4. Cathy moves that we take a contract from the Spartanburg Marriott March 9-12 2021 for our conference venue.  
  5. People saying no to a second year contract for Spartanburg and want to try for a Charleston venue the next conference session
  6. Vote unanimous to accept

  1. AASL Concerns and Commendations - Heather Thore
  1. One concern - would like AASL to provide webinars or training to help people who are new in their positions
  2. How can do better job in advocating
  3. National Library Day more for public library - want school to be included
  4. Send concerns to Heather Thore
  5. Discussion about commendations

  1. Emerging Leaders Program - Heather Thore
  1. 17 applicants - might work with 7-10
  2. Retirees and board members can help out

  1. Advocacy and Public Awareness Committees -  Heather Thore
  1. Think should name Advocacy Committee; start in 2019
  2. If everyone approve as board then send out to membership and then membership vote in March
  3. Duties of both remain
  4. Thore - Move to combine Advocacy and Public Awareness into one committee called the Advocacy Committee
  5. Vote unanimous to accept

  1. Bylaws Committee -  Katherine Malmquist
  1. Made a motion to correct oversight  in last meeting ….. It needs to apply to all not just officers
  2. Motion to revoke November vote because it just applies to officers
  3. Vote unanimous to accept
  4. Motion is to Move article IV section 8,9, 10 and create a new article V called elections and then the other articles would shift down
  5. Vote unanimous to accept
  6. Make a motion to strike words “nominations by petition” from current article iV. Section 8. C.
  7. Vote unanimous to accept
  8. If audit is listed then why isn’t election;  audit is non-voting and isn’t standing
  9. Instead of adding election, remove auditing
  10. Is definition of election committee enough
  11. Just add verbiage to fill vacancies to handbook not bylaws
  12. Motion to take auditing committee off of bylaws because it it not standing committee; replacing people go in handbook not bylaws
  13. Katherine moves to remove auditing committee from article 7 section I.C. from standing committee.  Auditing is already covered elsewhere.
  14. Vote unanimous to accept

  1. 2019 Conference Update - Pamela Williams
  1. Encourage people to register
  2. Are going to have digital program (FlipSnack)
  3. Cathy helping with printing …. Maybe 200 programs

  1. Book Awards Committee - Heather Loy
  1. The Book Award Committee makes a motion that the SCASL Board approve the revised 2019-2020 Book Award Nominees.
  2. Vote unanimous to accept

  1. Awards Committee - Angela Durham
  1. Shared award recipients
  2. Move to accept award winners as presented
  3. Vote unanimous to accept

  1. Intellectual Freedom Award - Wendy Rollins
  1. Move for Dr. Sherry Eppelsheimer to receive 2019 intellectual freedom award
  2. Vote unanimous to accept

  1. Legislative Committee -  Tamara Cox
  1. Promoting Speak up SCASL
  2. Early planning for SC Read In begun
  3. February 18th for SC legislative day and try to get librarians to get into the meeting
  4. Eau claire JROTC reluctant to come back to Read In because he had to cover expense
  1. Would like to cover his fee
  2. Yes we can cover
  1. Angela Durham asked if USC Librarian of year help Cocky to present award.  They just need a letter

  1. Supervisors - Shannon Ryan
  1. 2016 standards are not up;  they say not meeting accessibilities standards
  2. Will have to edit the document

  1. Other Reports
  1. Question about editorial
  1. Expensive and long turn around time
  1. Shannon asks for job openings information
  2. Kristie Haltiwanger - can people get her info on what doing as implement standards
  3. Heather Thore - four by law changes

  1. Adjourn - President, Heather Thore, 11:55