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10 Demands for All Police Departments
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10 Demands for All Police Departments

  1. Create a Citizens Review Board, Police Trial Board, or Accountability Review Board for the public to have permanent presence/seats and have subpoena power.
  2. Release all body camera, citizens, and business camera footage; and 911 call audio to the public.
  3. Immediately release the names of all officers, supervisors involved in all shootings.
  4. Release and/or create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)s: a. To de-escalate conflict with person with weapon present and/or drawn b. To clarify the “Shoot to Kill” or “Shoot to Injure” decisions c. To remove corrupt officers d. To de-escalate conflict of excessive force situations e. To provide medical attention for shot or injured suspects f. To test officers in shooting for alcohol and chemical substance
  5. Every minority shooting requires an elevated level of investigation within the city, county, state, national law enforcement.
  6. Increase the use of special prosecutors when potential hate crimes are present.
  7. Implement implicit bias training for interacting with persons of color to include racial sensitivity, diversity training, and de-escalation strategies.
  8. Enhance the collection of data on fatalities involving police officers.
  9. Discourage so-called “citizen’s arrest” or escalating or confronting acts within the community.
  10. Interact and team up with the NAACP and other organizations that promote public safety and good citizenship of the public.