Minneapolis Telecommunications Network

Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, July 9th, 2018

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Board Minutes from 6.11.2018        
  3. Vote: New Board Members
  4. Discussion: Strategic Planning Session
  5. Executive Director Update - Valerie Lockhart
  6. Discussion: Policies and Procedures - Operations
  7. Public Commentary (3 minutes per person signed up)
  8. Board meeting adjourned

MINUTES - JULY 9, 2018

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm

Attendance: Samantha Pree-Stinson (Chair), Kyle Tharaldson (Vice-Chair) (late), Mike Wade (Treasurer), Jon Samuelson, Valerie Lockhart (Executive Director), David Allison (Committee Member), Anna Columba Reyes (Committee Member)(late)  

Absent: Tracey Blake

Board Minutes from 6-11-2018: Approved.

Vote on bringing new Board members: Postponed until next month. Board will take first hour of the next meeting to review candidates and then hold the public board meeting beginning at 7pm. Val will bring all applicants information forward for review in that first hour. 

Discussion on Strategic Planning: Consultants reported that we had been trying to push the process too quickly. Typically 90 days is appropriate for planning and setting things up. Would like to have the Board better filled out before we even begin the process. Val will gather information on Strategic Planning templates or resources for the Board to use to aid in planning before the session. Val will also get information on the future dates of Board Boot Camp so the Board can plan dates accordingly.

Executive Director Report: Badge access is moving forward on both doors. Active members will have access via badge during business hours. The Editing Suite is just about finished. Each studio is now updated and equipped with our new HD livestream systems. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are set aside for training on the new systems, and Ruffo is available for spanish-speaking trainings, as needs arise. Val is applying for a grant for the Elder Stories program, with East Side Neighborhood Services and the MN Board on Aging in support. Val and Troy are attending the ACM conference in Baltimore this week, will come back with a report on where we stand comparatively. Volunteer efforts have been tremendous this year, and we would not be where we are without the people who have devoted their time to helping out. Our YouTube submission push is well underway and people are starting to submit their content via this avenue. Community involvement and engagement is up, community events are underway, and partnerships are progressing smoothly.

Discussion on Policies and Procedures/Operations: The Membership handbook has been revamped and reorganized, closer to done, but Val would like to get Board approval on increasing membership prices for 1/2019, as well as a fiscal agency fee increase. She will put together a breakdown of what increases could mean for income generation, and also conduct some market research on fiscal agency fees in the state to see how an increase might work best, but will keep all fees the same for now. Discussion around keeping our operations in-line with the direction the city is going, specifically with regards to their 2040 plan, while still diversifying our income to work toward the objective of one day using all city funds as only a direct benefit to the community.  

Public Commentary: None

Board Meeting Adjourned: 6:53pm