Life Groups 

Spring Session 2019-Week 6 (3/10/19) 

The Making of a Miracle

WELCOME - Greet your friends and welcome them to your gathering.


Transformation allows you to do the very thing you could not do.  When you were a young child what did you use your imagination for to transform into. Maybe it was a princess, a superhero, an astronaut or a chef.

Growing to be like Christ

  1.  Read John 5:2,3-Have you ever felt sick, crippled or even paralyzed in a situation?  A miracle from Jesus is not dependent on what has or hasn’t happened to you. What does this tell us about our God?  What does this tell us about our God’s love for us?

  2. Read John 5:4-The healing was on such a limited scale. Just one out of all these numbers who waited would be healed. Imagine you are one of the people waiting a whole year to have one chance and then you miss the opportunity.  How could you encourage yourself?  How could you discourage yourself?

  3.  Read John 5:5-The man didn’t do anything to deserve to be healed: he didn’t know who Jesus was, didn’t have faith and didn’t even ask to be healed. Yet despite the many other disabled people at the pool that day, why do you think Jesus chose to heal this man? What does this show us about God’s character?

  4.  Read John 5:6-Many times a person floundering, needing to be made whole, needs the help of a friend to help him plunge in. Talk about a time in your life where you were knocked down and someone stood next to you with encouragement and championed you to get back up.

  1. Read John 5:7-If the man did want to be healed, how would his healing affect his life? What kind of changes would he have to make as a result of being healed?

-Conclude in prayer