“Mater Filius was a stepping stone for my baby and I, without it we would have been lost in this big world. It got me to where I am today; able to provide and care for my baby.

Thank you so much!”  Kourney

Special thanks to these donors, businesses, and community partners

The Westerman Foundation

Erica Acosta

Deborah Alcalá

Burkle Creative

Lillian Curran


El Pollo Regio

María Cristina Esteves


Jackie Flemming

Catherine Foxworth

Mary Galvin

Ana Gomez

Laura Huehn

Icarus Independent Productions

JC Power Connection

James Gilbreath- A Texas Artist

Julep Boutique

Kendra Scott

Knights of Columbus Prince of Peace Council

Cathy Leigh

Little Angels Catholic Store

Market Street

Megan Martinez

Margarite Marz

Sherri Miller

Minuteman Press

Cynthia Mogas

Natalia Montemayor
Fay Moraif

Tina Vielma Morales

Christel Morrison

Jean Neil

Tina Noah
Carmen Perez

Eileen Sherman

Linda Soich
Red Door Salon

Eleanor Ruhnke
Tricia Ryan Studio

Leo Tucker

Ligia Urrego

Magdalena Vega

Waterpark Fund, LP