EV3 Challenge Task Assignment

Faraday Golf Tournament

Team/Robot Name__________________________________________

        Team Member’s Names______________________________________

        As a team, work to develop and demonstrate a wired-remote-control Faraday Golf Player:

  1. (2 pts) Build the golfing attachment
  2. (2 pts) Build a supporting structure for this attachment which allows you to strike the ball on the tee
  3. (2 pts) Build a wired-remote-control using a second motor:
    >> attach to the red motor hub at multiple points.
    >> Do
    not use any type of lever.
  4. (2 pts) As you test your evolving design, on the back of this page describe what happened when you tested it and what you changed to improve it (list a minimum of 4 tests/changes)

    Each team will have two attempts to demonstrate their solution (each team member takes a turn)
  5. (2 pts) While holding only the remote control, strike the ball from the tee
  6.  (Bonus: 1 pt) Successfully score on the course




Faraday Golf Challenge Score: _____


This Task Assignment is worth 10 points