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Identifying and mobilizing partners to support and sustain MTB MLE 

Graphic showing the agencies and organizations that partner with language communities to establish and sustain successful MTB MLE

Booklet for Community Members

4th booklet in the 2016 MTB MLE Resource Kit. Including the Excluded, produced by UNESCO’s Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau of Education

Written for parents and other members of non-dominant language communities to explain why and how MTB MLE helps children overcome language “barriers” and achieve success in formal education. Emphasizes the important contributions of community members in incorporating the children’s language, culture, knowledge and experience into the curriculum as their foundation for learning new concepts and skills in school.

EMiLe: Un projet d’Education Multilingue dans 12 écoles de la région de FATICK

Description of a partnership among three organizations and with the Seerer community in Senegal to support MTB MLE  (French)

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