Please Print, Sign and Drop this Sheet off at C1308 by Friday, January 17th

Checks can be written out to NW Austin STEM and Robotics Association

Westwood Robotics Varsity

Student and Parent Form

Dear Parents and Students,

We are looking forward to a great year competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Our goal is to get the Westwood FRC team into the top 10 teams in the state, but it will take a few things to accomplish that, as we are competing in one of the most competitive leagues in the world. In order for us to meet our goal we need:

  1. Dedication
  2. Hard Work
  3. Support of Parents and Mentors


It is expected that members of an FRC team are willing and able to attend 2 meetings a week, as well as be available during tournament weekends.

Event Dates/Locations

3/7 : FLL (Westwood)

3/12 - 3/14 : Meet 1 (Fort Worth)

3/19 - 3/21 :  Meet 2 (Austin)

        It is also expected that members all volunteer at the FIRST Lego League event our school is hosting (shown above). We need all the help we can get.

If your student is accepted onto the team, please note that there will be a due of $175 which will be used to pay for items such as Team Registration and materials necessary for the team to function. For the Fort Worth competition, note that there may be additional fees for travel and board announced at a later date.

If you cannot afford the dues, then talk to Mr. Wilmot to get on the sponsorship program. This may allow you to be a part of our team regardless of your financial circumstances.

        We also strongly recommend learning more about FIRST, FRC and our team, as well as watch past year’s competitions and challenges. Information for that and more can be found on our website,

Please turn in the Student and Parent Acknowledgement Form along with the Student Application to be added to the Team.

Shreyes Kaliyur

President, Westwood Robotics

Westwood Robotics Varsity

Student and Parent Acknowledgement Form

By signing below you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to the information and rules contained within this guide including the fact that 2 meetings a week are required, dues are paid and you are willing to participate in a constructive manner in our team. You also agree to obey and abide by the rules and policies outlined in the Robotics Constitution (found on Understand that violations may result in expulsion from the team.


Student Signature/ Date


Parent Signature/ Date

Westwood Robotics Varsity

Student Application

Student Name: ________________________________________

Student Email (NOT school email): ________________________________________

Student ID Number:____________________________________

Parent Name: ________________________________________

Parent Email: ________________________________________

Why do you want to be a member of Westwood Robotics?


What other extracurriculars are you a part of?


What days are you free? (Circle at least two)

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Would you like to sponsor another student? If so, how much would you like to sponsor?

Keep in mind that your financial assistance would be greatly beneficial to another student.