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13.10.2021 - NEW DEMANDS from Industry & Logistics in
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13.10.2021 - NEW DEMANDS from Industry & Logistics in


Pos. 1) USED topping unit; INPUT abt 1 500 TpD; purchase only.

Pos. 2) Calendar; WW 180 CM; YOM  00 onwards; purchase only.

Pos. 3) Coal fired power station; abt 50 MW, 50 Hz; used but in good condition; purchase only.

Pos. 4) Coal fired power plant; abt 100 MW, 50 Hz; purchase only.

Pos. 5) Active oil fields, wells; purchase only.

Pos. 6)  IODINE extraction plant; LOOKING for plant with OUTPUT abt 10 000 TpY; purchase only.

Pos. 7) Yamato model ADW-814 SWH with dimpled buckets approximately 10 '5 `` x 10" to run leafy greens; purchase only.

Pos. 8) New or used sugar cane factory; output: white and brown sugar; purchase only

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You are invited to post your classified business offers / demands to and/or; FAX: 0049.40.7964747