Neverwinter Mod 14 Artifact Sets

This originally started out just being a Vistani set test, however I saw many questions about every set and how they work so i decided just to test them all, and see how they work.
If you do not know what sets are available, you can see a image of them all


The first artifact set I tested is the Vistani Artifact and set.

The artifact itself is very clunky and difficult to use. Upon using it you have 10 seconds where, your encounters are replaced with 3 random Tarokka card powers. And your atwills are replaced with the skills “Card Strike” and “Reshuffle”. The Tarokka cards are just displayed, without the names, so in order to get the buff you might be looking for, you have to know the image of the card, which can prove quite difficult, especially while in combat and under pressure within the 10 second window you have to use it.

All the buffs the cards give have a 15 second duration. If no card is chosen, the cooldown does not shorten, despite what the tooltip on the artifact says, however it does when you use the secondary skill “Reshuffle”. I believe this is how this should function however it is just worded poorly.

There is also a bug where some of the cards do not give the correct buffs, here is one example.
The Darklord should instead “Inflict damage over time to enemies”.

Also when selected which card to use, there might be less cards. It should give you a choice of 3. However sometimes I have seen 2, 1 and even 0 cards available to be chosen.


I have not tested every single card to see if the effects do work / does what the tooltip suggests it does as the rng to get the card, and then make sure it's what the card should do, and then find out what it actually does, all under 10 seconds is very difficult. There might be some more information posted at a later time, however this was just a brief explanation and didn't want to spend a long time in testing everything.

There should be a debuff applied when “Card Strike” is used, however the debuff for this is not working, and no damage debuff applied, this can be seen from the video below.
 This ability cannot proc the set bonus even though the tooltip says “deal damage in a wide arc around you”.

The set bonus is a 5% instance wide debuff which does not stack. Applying another skill will refresh the duration. The following is a list of skills which can apply it.

Radiant Strike
Divine Touch


Chains of Blazing Light
Daunting Light
Searing Light

Sunburst (normal)
Flame Strike (daily)
Anointed Army (daily)

Divine Glow (does not work but should)


Split Shot

Split Strike

Seismic Shot

Rain of Arrows

Electric Shot

Clear the Ground

Hawk Shot

Plant Growth

Cordon of Arrows


Pillar of Power


Infernal Spheres

Brood of Hadar

Fiery Bolt

Curse Bite


Soul Puppet

Blades of Vanquished Armies

Flames of Phlegethos

Arms of Hadar

Gates of Hell


Wicked Strike

Reaping Strike

Mighty Leap

Not So Fast


Grand Fissure


Punishing Charge

Avalanche of Steel

Spinning Strike


Weapon Master’s Strike

Lunging Strike

Enforced Threat

Line Breaker Assault

Terrifying Impact

Villain’s Menace

Supremacy of Steel


Chill Strike (tab)

Ice Storm

Conduit of Ice

Arcane Singularity

Oppressive Force

Repel (tab)

Chilling Cloud (third hit)

Shield Pulse

Fanning the Flame (tab)

Icy Terrain

Sudden Storm

Scorching Burst

Storm Pillar

Steal Time

Shard of the Endless Avalanche


Furious Immolation

Maelstrom of Chaos

Arcane Power Field


Vengeance Pursuit (reactivated)
Smoke Bomb
Shadowy Disappearance
Blade Flurry


In my opinion, this set is best on a support / templock, as PoP can make the set have a 100% uptime without thinking about it. I would then suggest it on a support GF as they don't really have a set they use and it can be procced from skills they use. Sometimes neither of those are in the group, in that case I would suggest the DO DC to use it if you don't mind the damage loss.


The Apocalypse set is very difficult to obtain, as the artifact can only be obtained from the yearly Portobello's campaign. After being patched twice the set is currently almost WAI, it is applying a 1% debuff per stack, however it is being mitigated by level 73 mobs, resulting in 3.75% debuff in end game dungeons.


Nothing too special to comment here, set is working, giving 1000 power and is power sharing, it is modified by base power multipliers such as Dragonborn Racial Bonus. Synergises well with OP. A video demonstrating the set can be seen here.

The artifact, Thirst, provides a 16% debuff, affected by diminishing returns.

On a side note, using 2 of them will cause the second artifact to do nothing, dealing no damage and not debuffing by an additional 16%.

Set Of The Dead

The set is working as intended, it increases base power by 5%, adding to powershare, for 15 seconds. After this the 45 seconds cooldown begins, resulting in a 25% uptime. Videos demonstrating the set can be seen here and here.

Blood Raven

This set is working, increasing the targets base power by 5%, however it’s not adding to sharable power. The following is a list of skills which can activate the set.

Bastion Of Health
Divine Glow
Sunburst (Normal only)
Healing Word (Normal only)
Warding Flare (Normal only)


We spent some time testing what does and does not proc the set we realised that the set is very hard to test and the results varied. Sometimes using a skill would proc it and sometimes it wouldn't. However the biggest thing to note from this was the ability to stack this set. When testing we found that 2 people with the set can stack the buff, resulting in a 10% power increase. Although this is hard to achieve as you have to be the only one receiving the heal. And this got a lot more confusing once we added Prism and Bond Of Virtue. Prism counted as its own entity and was procing another heal by itself, refreshing the buff after every prism HoT, also allowing us to stack it 2 times with 1 person, or 3 times with 2 people using the set. Also while using Bond this made the heal spread out, meaning at times player-A would receive 2 buffs and player-B receive 1 buff, splitting the buffs evenly. If we had more people I assume the buff would split again amongst players within the Bond radius equal to the amount of stacks people have received within the radius.

A video showing a paladin double procing the set can be seen

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, you can find me in game @Viraaal


Thanks to the following people for helping in some way,

@guyofgisburne, @fisenfis, @darklord#5375, @wickedduck22#9795,

For providing some of the items needed to test.

@rjc9000, @greyjay1, @slappdaniel, @thefabricant

For helping in test some of the items for classes I could not test.


For being that 1 person with the Apocalypse dagger and wanted to help test.


  1. Changed Apocalypse set information