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The Chimes—Sports Editor Job Description
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THE CHIMES // Sports Editor

Basic function and responsibility:

The Chimes sports editor is responsible for the sports story content within The Chimes, both online and in print. This person ensures that all current and newsworthy Biola sports are covered on a daily basis online (as applies) and biweekly for print. The sports editor delegates and supervises a writing staff, and coordinates with the photo editors to make sure all games are covered. The ideal candidate has a love for sports, a passion for accuracy and broad coverage, creativity and strong writing skills. The ideal candidate is also familiar with SEO and basic web programs.


1.  Secure articles and guest writers for daily and biweekly content coverage.

2. Communicate with the photo staff to ensure that a photographer is present at all home games.

3. Communicate with web staff to make sure all sports scores are tweeted within 10 minutes of a game’s end, and oversee the section’s Twitter page.

4. Train and coach the writers through the story crafting and editing process. Serve as both a mentor and enforcer.

5. Edit all sports related stories for content, grammar, spelling, facts, etc.

6. Coordinate with web staff to produce web-exclusive content, including (but not limited to) photo galleries and weekend sports updates.

7. Coordinate with video producer to make sure sports are covered in video on a somewhat-regular basis.

8. Meet all publishing deadlines and ensure that the sports writing staff does the same.

9. Ensure that all writers attend any mandatory training and are familiar with Google Docs. Ensure that all writers are meeting convergent requirements.

10. Attend weekly budget meetings.

11. Maintain healthy relationship with the athletic department to share information and photos when necessary.

12. Maintain communication with coaches, players and the athletics department as a whole.

13. Train a sports apprentice in spring for 10+ hours a week.

Supervision received: Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor

Supervision of others: Sports Staff Writer, freelancers


General: Demonstrate a working knowledge and familiarity with AP style. Strong editing, grammar and writing skills. Ability to supervise and provide constructive criticism in a helpful and appropriate manner. Flexible attitude. Demonstrate working knowledge of computer programs such as Google Docs, Excel and Wordpress. Good interpersonal skills and ability to lead a writing staff. Ability to delegate assignments. Obsession with sports.

Education and experiences: At the time of election or appointment, must attend or accepted to Biola as a full-time student. Prior experience working with newspapers, yearbook, magazines or prior work, class experience, or journalism is preferable.