Today at PA….

                                           Thursday,  January 2nd, 2020

After-School Today:


Ski and Snowboard Club: Fees for Gunstock Mountain Resort are due to Mr. Dion or Ms. Landry no later than Monday, January 6th.

Community Service Opportunities:



Upcoming Events:


Events, Scholarships, & More From School Counseling Department:


Are you interested in learning how to develop a business plan? Would you like to grow your own food, work on a farm, hone your carpentry skills or learn how to prepare food for resale? Pembroke Academy is offering a semester long internship program in partnership with Lavalley Farms.

Also available is a Partial Lavalley Internship where you can earn either community service hours or credits.

For more information please see you school counselor.


Go PA and Have a great day!