Sustainability & Community Policy


We recognise that our business has a role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations and to help secure the long-term sustainability of our country.

Askable also recognises that we can use our influence, money and personal efforts to support and give back to our local community.  To this end Askable  is committed to taking the following action.


Reduction Targets & Objectives 2020

Green Purchasing

Community Responsibility

We value and continue our relationship with Beddown to help increase our impact on the Homeless in the local community.

What Beddown is all about

The aim of Beddown is to take spaces that are commonly used and busy during the day but at night are left vacant or empty. Beddown then activates and repurposes the space at night into pop-up accommodation to ensure the homeless, those who are sleeping rough are then able to come and get into a bed at night. Many of the homeless suffer from sleep deprivation due to the conditions of living on the streets, sleep deprivation can lead to many physical and mental health conditions, such as:

It can also impair cognitive function and lead to alcohol or drug use.

Those who sleep rough are security conscious too in fear of being attacked and goods taken.

By Beddown providing a safe, secure and comfortable place to get a good night’s rest, we help restore health, dignity and respect.

More Information is available at: