Constitution of The Aquadome

Revised in February 2018

  1. Name of Organization
  1. The name of the organization is “The Aquadome.”
  1. Purpose of the Organization
  1. Mission Statement
  1. The Aquadome exists to promote art, music, and a sense of community. We believe all people deserve access to a physical space where freedom of thought and freedom of expression are celebrated.
  1. Purpose
  1. The organization is formed for the following exclusively educational and charitable purposes.
  1. To develop and promote various arts by means of classes, exhibits, lectures, and performances.
  2. To create and maintain a library of written and recorded work for the use of educational purposes including books, compact disks, records, and videos.
  3. To facilitate a space that is accommodating of musical lessons and practice which can be used by the general public.
  4. To carry out exclusively educational or charitable activities including such activities that are artistic, cultural, or civic in nature.
  1. Activities
  1. The organization shall be limited in its activities as follows.
  2. No part of the income, net earnings, or property shall insure the direct benefit of its directors, officers, or other persons, except that the organization may pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and may make payments in furtherance of the purposes set forth above.
  1. Dissolution
  1. Upon the dissolution of The Aquadome at any point and time in the future, the remaining funders are to be given to a non-profit or not-for-profit with a similar purpose as The Aquadome, which is to be unanimously chosen by the members of the Executive Board.
  1. Nondiscrimination Policy
  1. Board members, members, and attendees will be accepted regardless of race, sex, religion, color, sexual preference, or nationality. The organization, in carrying out its exempt purposes, shall not discriminate against any person on account of their race, sex, religion, color, sexual preference, gender identity, or nationality, or the race, sex, religion, color, sexual preference, gender identity, or nationality of their parents, guardians, or children; all who wish shall have equal access to the educational and charitable services provided by the organization. Any bylaws adopted hereafter, and any amendments thereto, and all directors, officers, agents, and employees of The Aquadome in their actions on behalf of The Aquadome shall abide by and be subjected to this nondiscrimination policy.
  1. Executive Board and their Duties
  1. President
  1. Maintains communication with the landlord(s).
  2. Presides over meetings.
  3. Oversees external communication among our platforms.
  4. Manages and coordinates rentals.
  5. In charge of obtaining, filling, and filing legal forms.
  6. Due to these duties, the President should not plan more than one event per semester.
  1. Vice President
  1. Oversees the Constitution and By-Laws.
  2. Assists the President when necessary.
  1. Treasurer
  1. Manages all cash inflows.
  2. Records all financial transactions.
  3. Pays utility bills and rent.
  4. Files taxes.
  5. Due to these duties, the Treasurer should not plan more than one event per semester.
  1. Secretary
  1. Takes minutes at meetings.
  2. Distributes minutes to anyone who wants them.
  1. Public Relations Manager
  1. Coordinates the delegation of poster creation, social media postings, and merchandise responsibilities.
  1. Building Manager
  1. Oversees building maintenance.
  2. Serves as the primary point of contact for any physical issues with the building.
  3. Manages the keys to the building.
  1. The positions of Treasurer and President are held for one (1) year if the candidate is available and willing to commit. Otherwise, the positions will have a one semester term like Secretary, Vice President, and Public Relations.
  1. Amending the Constitution and Bylaws
  1. Proposing an Amendment
  1. Any member of the Executive Board may move to amend at any time.
  2. Discussion must occur before a vote.
  1. Voting on an Amendment
  1. Voting is handled by the Vice President.
  2. An amendment passes only with a three-fourths (¾) majority by visible means.
  3. The Vice President will reflect the change in the official document and bring the wording for a vote at the next meeting.

Bylaws of The Aquadome

Revised in November 2017

  1. Meetings
  1. Meetings shall be held at a consistent time each week from August to May. The time should be selected so generally every Executive Board member can attend, and at a convenient enough time for volunteers to attend.
  2. The Executive Board should meet 30 minutes in advance of Community meetings to discuss topics that the public should not have to or get to hear.
  3. Every attending person at the meeting gets a report.
  1. Elections
  1. Elections for the Executive Board are held in November and April, and must correspond to the following dates.
  1. The first (1st) Saturday of the month, applications will be accepted.
  2. The second (2nd) Saturday of the month, applications will still be accepted and the applicants are the main topic of Executive Board discussion.
  1. Each member of the Executive Board selects a top candidate of choice.
  2. For one (1) person to be elected to a single position, three (3) of the six (6) Executive Board members must select that person.
  3. The voting is blind, and only the President may tally the ballots. If a consensus is not made by blind voting, discussion will be opened and the following procedure applies.
  1. A vote is re-taken at another time within six (6) days.
  2. Another meeting is scheduled within six (6) days that includes a vote.
  3. No matter what, a consensus should be made no later than the last day of the voting month.
  1. By the last day of the voting month, the initiation ceremony will be held.
  1. Executive Rule
  1. In order for members of the Executive Board to retain their positions and receive the benefits listed below, the member must fulfill every requirement of their position for the entirety of their term.
  2. Strikes
  1. Each offense listed below adds up to one (1) strike.
  1. Two (2) unexcused absences for a required event or one event they committed to attending. An event in this case includes those open to the public as well as meetings or work days.
  2. Spending money in such a way that violates the financial bylaws.
  3. Negatively affecting the reputation of The Aquadome by means of releasing confidential information, slanderous speech, and/or written language.
  1. Benefits and Privileges
  1. The right to be keyholders of The Aquadome.
  2. Free entry to all events open to the public.
  1. If a member plans on attending an event put on during a rental, that member must reach out to the renter in advance to express why there are allowed to do so.
  1. The right to vote during elections and on financial decisions.
  1. Management of Finances
  1. Money Out
  1. In order for money to be removed from The Aquadome bank account by any means, the following applies.
  1. All members of the Executive Board must be notified.
  2. The Treasurer and two (2) other members of the Executive Board must agree to the transaction by verbal or digital means.
  3. The Treasurer must approve the transaction with full faith that The Aquadome can afford the transaction without being placed in a jeopardizing situation.
  1. Exceptions
  1. The transaction is an emergency that could negatively affect an individual’s health.
  2. The transaction is an absolute necessity that would harm The Aquadome if the transaction could not have waited for approval from the Executive Board.
  1. Paybacks
  1. Purchases by members of the Executive Board or community members may be refunded if they meet the following.
  1. The purchaser asks for payment.
  2. The purchase benefited The Aquadome in a necessary way.
  3. The purchase was made in the most frugal and economical way possible.
  4. The purchase was agreed upon by the Executive Board.
  5. If the purchase was not agreed upon by the Executive Board, the Treasurer and two (2) other member of the Executive Board may agree upon a reduced amount. All members of the Executive Board must be notified.
  1. Bank Account
  1. The Aquadome bank account should always include the names of the current President and Treasurer.
  2. The President and Treasurer will select a third member of the current Executive Board to be placed on the account in order to make withdrawals and sign checks.
  1. Community Newsletter
  1. The President may appoint at any time the task of creating and sending out a community newsletter.
  2. The task may be given to a member of the Executive Board or a volunteer.