1 Arrow 3D National Championship

April 13th-14th, 2024 - 2 Day Tournament

85  Delta McKenzie 3D targets-known distances (marked)

(Please read all rules)


Early registration deadline is April 2nd. All fees will increase $50 after the deadline. See cancellation / Refund policy below.

Refund / Cancellation Policy

All registrations are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. All cancellation requests must be received in writing on or before the early registration deadline. No refunds will be considered on or after the early registration deadline. After the cancellation, no refunds will be issued due to scheduling conflicts, Illness, or other personal issues.



Shotgun start, all archers will start at the same time on the assigned target.

Sunday you will start where you finished on Saturday.


Practice range

Range Opens…..…...11:00 AM

Range Close………….4:00 PM

Practice Course(approximate 20 targets) $15 Cash Only

Course Opens……….11:00 AM

Course Close………...4:00 PM

Saturday                (52 Targets)

Gates Open…………..6:00 AM

Tournament Start…….9:00 AM   (Shotgun start, all archers will start on assigned target at the same time).

Ranges Close………...6:00 PM

Sunday                (33 Targets)

Gates Open…………..6:00 AM

Tournament Start…….8:00 AM   (Shotgun start, all archers will start where they left off ).

Range Close……...….3:30 PM

Shoot off………………TBA

52 targets on Sunday and 33 Targets on Sunday,1 arrow per target

Open to Non-NFAA members and NFAA members.

All non-NFAA members shoot guest class.

Tournament will be held rain or shine.

For the safety of all archers and volunteers

there is NO ALCOHOL , NO SMOKING OR PETS allowed at the tournament.


47491 Road 210 (Hildreth) Friant, Ca 93626

(This is a private ranch, PLEASE DO NOT go on

the property before or after the tournament time.) 


NFAA Team National Championship

See “NFAA Team National Championship Tab for more information

NFAA Collegiate Team National Championship

See “NFAA Collegiate Team National Championship” tab for more information

NFAA Traditional Team National Championship

See “NFAA Traditional Team National Championship” tab for more information


Scoring Rules

1 arrow per target

known distances (marked yardage)

Scoring 12,10,8,5 (counting cut rings)

12 Ring will be marked with an “ORANGE DOT”

Max distances

Orange Marker

101yd max- FS, BHFS-Adult, Silver, Master

Pink Marker

50yd max-Limited Rec. Barebow-Adult, Silver, Master.

Young Adult- FS. BHFS

Blue Marker

40yd max-Trad-Adult, Silver, Master

FS, BHFS-Youth Collegiate FS, Fixed pin(BH), Olym. Rec

Yellow Marker

25yds max-Longbow-Adult, Silver, Master.

Barebow-Youth, Young Adult,

Cub, all Collegiate Barebow

PeeWee 10 yards

All Team Shoot-offs.

Team Championship 80 yds

Team Trad Championship 30 yds

Team Collegiate Championship 30 yds

Tournament will be held rain or shine.


Rules and Info

Break the Barriers staff, the Wagner Family and NFAA staff each reserve the right to cause to

be removed from the event premises, at their sole discretion, any participant, volunteer,

observer, bystander and/or individual for any reason, including, without limitation: unsafe or

unlawful activity; inappropriate conduct; solicitation of sponsors or participants; or

interference with shooters or event planners in any manner, or with the orderly

implementation and oversight of this event. No refunds will be provided, regardless of reason.

1. No alcohol allowed, before, during, or after, on the tournament premises. No archer

should shoot while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2. No broadheads allowed.

3. No pointing a bow and arrow at another person.

4. Only trained service dogs for persons with disabilities and psychiatric service dogs

allowed on property. No emotional support dogs or other dogs allowed on property. These

laws include the Unruh Civil Rights Act, the California Disabled Persons Act (CDPA), and the Fair

Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

5. Remember that the arrows are sticking out of a target can injure you. When pulling arrows out of

a target, stand to one side and insure that no one is directly behind you.

6. If you are looking for a lost arrow behind a target, always leave your bow leaning against the

target face so that it will be seen by other archers coming up. If possible, have one archer from your

group stand in front of the target to prevent anyone from shooting.

7. Stay on designated range paths. Never go back to previous target.

8. No Sky drawing your bow. You will be disqualified.

9. Archers target assignments will be arranged by NFAA. No exceptions.

10. NO more than 8 archers per group. No exceptions.

11. Slow groups will allow the group behind to shoot through and pass them.

12. This is a marked (known distance) 3d tournament.

13. No inappropriate language or behavior is allowed. No exceptions.

14. Scoring rings on all targets. Cut ring count for higher score. 12 ring orange scoring dots.

15. Any scoring discrepancies are decided solely by NFAA and Break the Barriers Staff

16. If an archer can not shoot at the specified distance for that target, they may approach the closer

shooting marker and shoot at a closer distance. However the archer will be moved into the guest

class and will not be eligible for awards.

17. Due to terrain and water hazards there is a possibility of loosing arrows if the archer misses the


18. I give my consent and approval to participate in activities, programs, (T.V., radio, video taping)

and to be photographed as part of Break the Barriers, Inc. endeavor to explain our role of educating

the public.

19. Participants are responsible for their own equipment. Any equipment damaged, lost or stolen is

the responsibility of the participant.

20. Course must be shot in Numeric order.

21. No Minors left unattended at anytime.

22. No running with archery equipment at all times.

23. NO CAMPING ON PROPERTY. Camping available for a fee @ Millerton Lake State Park.

24. We have partnered with The NFAA. We are following NFAA guidelines for divisions (it’s on the website). We will have 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place medals for their divisions. Awards will

only be given if the archer participates both days and is an NFAA member. The BTB & NFAA

1 Arrow 3D National Championship is a 2 day shoot.

25. BTB & NFAA 1 Arrow 3D National Championship Open may have or contain advertising

and sponsorship from companies. Advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring

that material used at our tournament is accurate and complies with applicable laws.

We are not responsible for the illegality or any error,

inaccuracy or problem in the advertiser’s or sponsor’s materials. Break the Barriers and the NFAA

may not agree or endorse the views or opinions of the sponsors of the BTB &  NFAA 1 Arrow 3D

National Championship.