Dates: August 4-5

Price: 25 Euro

Event Page:

ALEPH invites you to join the Grenzer Grind, an exclusive two-day Infinity ITS event in Zagreb, Croatia, as part of the ETC 2018 (European Team Championship, ) gaming convention.

Grenzer Grind will be a standard 300 points ITS event with no extras (except the amazing atmosphere). Missions will be announced in this group and on the official ITS event page.

Apply by sending your name and ITS PIN to

Number of players is capped at 30, although ALEPH is open to increasing the cap if there is interest and Nomads do not try to sabotage the event. If you would like to contribute by bringing your own terrain to help or show off :), please let us know here or via

The entry fee for the convention is €25 (euro), which will help cover rent of the hall and other organisational costs. Information on payment will be added soon. Food and drinks (including beer) will be available for purchase at the convention. We will share more Information about travel, accommodation, and other logistics in Zagreb.

If you have any other question about tournament or Croatia feel free to post it here and ALEPH or Haqqislam Travel Buro will respond as soon as possible. ;)

Take the opportunity to travel to one of the top tourist destinations in Europe and play some Infinity@ETC Croatia! This is a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a large gaming convention, with more than 500 players from various gaming systems coming to Croatia.