Quizlet is a simple online app that allows teachers to create flashcards and choose different methods for their students to study flashcard sets.

*Quizlet can be used on all devices, individually or in teams.

About the tool

Your Task

 🎥(1:06 min) A short introduction video about Quizlet

 🌐(10 min) What is Quizlet and how do we use it?

 🎥(3:49 min) How to use Quizlet video tutorial

 🎥(3:11 min) Why students love using Quizlet

Choose from these texts and videos to understand how and when to use Quizlet.

Pedagogical ideas

Your Task

🌐(10 min) 10 Ways of Using Quizlet in your classroom

🎥(25:36) How to use Quizlet with groups

🎥(10:07 min) How to use Quizlet to teach English

Choose from these texts and videos to find out how to use Quizlet in your ESL classroom.

As you read or watch, reflect on how this tool could be used in your own classroom.

Let’s try!

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🌐(10 min) Teacher Quick-start Guide

💡Tips and tricks:

  • Use the search option to find one that is already created and verify its content before using it in class.

Create an account and explore Quizlet.

  • Check out the ready-made lists
  • Play one of the vocabulary games
  • Take one of the quizzes
  • And much more!

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