Discipline & Guidance Policy

For Extreme After School Zone Youth Program

Choices of Discipline

We enforce a “Choices” discipline policy. Our students are old enough to understand that defying the rules is a choice, therefore they will be responsible for choosing the consequences for their choice. When possible and appropriate, students will have the opportunity to discuss their actions and come up with a solution or agreement that will promote self-control and self-discipline. When a level 2 (or higher) action has been made, it will be documented with the student and guardian’s signature. Once a student reaches a level 4 action, they are no longer allowed to choose their consequences. While actions are listed under a specific level, the camp director reserves the right to judge actions based on intent and severity of the action.

Actions: Level 1

Level 1 Consequences:

Actions: Level 2

Level 2 Consequences:

Actions: Level 3

Level 3 Consequences:

Actions: Level 4

Level 4 Consequences:

Actions: Level 5

Level 5 Consequences:

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