How to upload an image (or sound or pdf file) to your website

(AKA “Managing your assets)

  1. Email some images to yourself and download them (to your desktop); be sure to record the source of the image if it isn’t your own (author, location, publisher, etc.)
  2. Log in to
  3. Pull up your WP blog site (I recommend opening two tabs: the front end and the back end)

  1. Go to “Media Library”

  1. Click “add new”
  2. Click “Select Files” (You will have to have downloaded some images or other media assets to your computer in order to upload them)
  3. Click on the image you want to upload
  4. You will see it appear in icon form on the page
  5. Click on the icon of the image  you want to insert into your post/page
  6. Consider and compose the metadata that will go with this image asset: (see Accessibility)

Notice you can also “edit image”: I recommend shrinking file sizes to 500 :

  1.  Open a post or page. I recommend typing in some linguistic text (it can be placeholder text). Place the cursor where you want your image to go in the post or page and click “Add media.” Find the tab “Media Library” and click. Click on the image you want to insert into your page/post.

Notice you can edit the image as well (clicking the “pencil” icon).

Try uploading sound files (mp4) or pdf files or video files…

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