Structured info about aging/longevity

Mission: Everything important in the field (outside of academia), organized

Important background: Interfering with aging (slowing and/or reversing it):

  1. is feasible (based on broad scientific consensus),
  2. is an imperative cause (that will save lives & reduce suffering), and
  3. will be financially lucrative (for investors & entrepreneurs/scientists).

This site provides concise, structured info on the aging/longevity field in the form of sortable & filterable tables to quickly give info and broad perspective. All info here is public information, with links to sources so up-to-date info or more details are only a click away. The goal of this site is to become a 1-stop repository of everything important about aging/longevity outside of academia, all usefully organized & structured. [Arguably it has already become the best such single repository on the internet as of 2023, despite the companies table needing many updates.]

Note: Information content & functionality have been intentionally prioritized over look & feel and typical modern web design. That will continue at least until the above goal has been fully realized.

For maximum trust, this site is not only non-profit but strictly non-commercial. No sales, sponsorships, or affiliate links. No money is received for listings or any kind of preferential treatment. No subscriptions. No Patreon account. This site is similar to Wikipedia in these aspects (and in spirit) but no financial donations are sought or accepted. The site is for the good of the aging/longevity community & ecosystem, and the wider public. Full disclosure statement in the About page.

If you are new to the aging field: Read the About page then check out the Motivations table for more on why you should care, then some of the Books, Blogs, Podcasts, and/or Videos. If you are a very busy person, at least check out some of the Podcasts or ideally audiobook versions of the top Books.

Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, & Reddit /r/longevity for announcements of updates. If you want to learn about changes & new additions to the site before everyone else, sign up for the (low traffic) Google Groups mailing list at


Use the links in the header to navigate or type [<page>] into the URL bar where <page> is one of:


Why aging’s important. Why this site exists, its scope, & how to use it


Best books on aging/longevity, objectively ranked


Very small table of the most relevant blogs


Table mapping between Hallmarks, SENS, Pillars, & more


Big table of (for-profit) aging companies, w/ sub-tabs


Conferences focused on the field as a whole


Aging databases for researchers, w/ Francesco Neri


Available aging-relevant tests


Very small table of discussion forums


~1page table of what investors invested in which companies


Very small meta-list of other lists of jobs in the field


Aging journals, objectively ranked


Best motivations for the field based on ethics, EA, economics, etc


Nonprofit organizations, some of which are registered charities


~1page table summarizing objections & their counterarguments.


Misc opportunities to contribute to the field, w/ Liam Akroa


Small table of relevant podcasts, objectively ranked


Very small meta-list of other lists of aging-relevant clinical trials


The most relevant video channels & playlists


How to get in touch & how to contribute to this site

Update history:

Mar 2024: Added Opportunities and Jobs tables.

Mar 2024: Added Trials meta-table.

Feb 2024: Added Motivations table.

Feb 2024: Fully updated conferences table for 2024.

Jan 2024: Fully updated Podcasts & Videos tables.

Apr 2023: Added Categories table mapping Hallmarks, SENS, Pillars, & more.

Jan 2023: Added Investors X Companies table.

Jan 2023: Added maps to conferences table.

Dec 2022: Fully updated conferences table for 2023, mostly by Seth Paulson.

Dec 2022: Added Nonprofits table.

Dec 2022: Added Databases table, mostly by Francesco Neri.

Nov 2022: Added Forums table.

Feb 2022: Fully updated Conferences table for 2022.

Oct 2021: Added Journals table.

Sep 2021: Added Blogs table.

Aug 2021: Added Videos table.

Aug 2021: Added Books table.

Jul 2021: Fully updated Conferences table.

Jul 2021: Added Podcasts table.

Jun 2021: Added available Diagnostics table.

Dec 2019: Added Objections table.

Dec 2019: Added Conferences table.

Sep 2019: Site & Companies table launched.