Structured info about aging/longevity

Critically important background info: therapeutically interfering with aging (slowing & hopefully reversing it):

  1. is feasible (based on widespread scientific consensus),
  2. is an imperative cause (that will save lives & reduce suffering), and
  3. will be financially lucrative (for investors & entrepreneurs/scientists).

This site provides concise, structured information about the aging/longevity field, particularly info about aging companies.

The main content is in the form of tables that are interactive (sortable & filterable) to provide info quickly and to provide broad perspective.

All info on this website is public information. Extensive links are provided to sources so up-to-date info on any specifics can be checked with a simple click, as can further details. Information content & functionality have been prioritized over look & feel and typical modern website design.

For maximum trust, this site is not only non-profit but strictly non-commercial. Nothing is being sold. There are no sponsorships or affiliate links. No money is received by the maintainer(s) of the site for listings or preferential treatment. There are no subscriptions & nor a Patreon account. (All similar to Wikipedia in these aspects.) Furthermore, no financial donations are accepted. The site is a fully pro-bono effort with hosting paid for by the site creator. The site is for the good of the community, ecosystem, & wider public. For a full disclosure statement, see the About page.

If you are new to the aging field: Read the About page then check out some of the Books, Blogs, Podcasts, and/or Videos. If you are a very busy person, at least check out some of the Podcasts or ideally audiobook versions of the top Books.

Note: A big computer screen makes the tables (especially the Companies table) better. Interactivity (e.g., sorting) doesn’t work on mobile browsers on last check, but clicking links works.


Use the links in the header to navigate or type [<word>] into the URL bar where <word> is one of:


Why aging’s important. Why this site was created, its scope, & how to use it.


Small table of most relevant books on aging/longevity.


Very small table of most relevant blogs.


Main big table of info on aging companies, with sub-tabs.


Small table of aging conferences.


Small table of available aging-relevant tests.


Small table of highest impact aging journals.


Small table summarizing objections & their counterarguments.


Small table of relevant podcasts.


Small table of most relevant video channels/series.


How to get in touch.

Update history: [Note: big updates generally announced on Twitter, LinkedIn, & Reddit /r/longevity.]

Summer 2022: Big updates to Companies table in progress…

Feb 2022: Fully updated Conferences table.

Oct 2021: Added Journals table.

Sep 2021: Added Blogs table.

Aug 2021: Added Videos table.

Aug 2021: Added Books table.

Jul 2021: Fully updated Conferences table.

Jul 2021: Added Podcasts table.

Jun 2021: Added available Diagnostics table.

Dec 2019: Added Objections table.

Sep 2019: Site & Companies table launched.