Anti-aging (slowing or reversing aging):

This site provides concise, structured information about the aging/longevity field, particularly info about aging companies.

The main content is in the form of (interactive) tables to provide info quickly and provide broad perspective.

Note: A big computer screen makes the tables better. Interactivity (eg, sorting) doesn’t work on mobile browsers.



Why this site was created.

Why aging

Why you should care.

What counts as aging

Criteria to separate it from the rest of biotech & from palliative “age-tech”.


Big table of info on aging companies.

How to use the table

How to sort, restrict, see useful counts, ...

Sub-areas of aging

How similar companies should be categorized/grouped.


Small table of most relevant aging conferences.


Small table summarizing objections & their counterarguments.


How to get in touch.

Latest updates:

Oct 2020: Added chart on COVID-19 deaths if the aging field had already succeeded:

Oct 2020: Companies table updates neglected in COVID-19 pandemic so far, but most info still relevant.