Gateway Regional High School

Course Syllabus

 Mr. Steiger’s English Grade 9


Mr. John Steiger


Phone Number

856-848-8200 ext. 676



Period 1:


Period 2:


Period 5:


Period 6:


Period 7:



Class Website:

Twitter: @MrSteigersClass

Instagram: mrsteigersclass

Course Description

This is a fast-paced course that allows students opportunities to take responsibility for learning. Ninth grade English is a New Jersey Student Learning Standards aligned course designed to prepare students for upper level English classes as well as college courses. English 9 exposes students to complex texts including fiction, nonfiction, and informational texts arranged in thematic units. Students will develop abilities to analyze complex texts, reason critically, cite evidence, and communicate clearly and thoughtfully. Also, students not only evaluate literary genres, but they enhance their writing proficiency as they craft appropriate thesis statements, support their claims with evidence, establish a writing “voice,” and logically organize an essay to adhere to the thesis therein establishing clarity for the reader. Students will learn the essentials of a critical and literary analysis based on research. A culmination of these skills, along with dedicated practice, should dramatically improve students’ overall real-world readiness in areas like speaking publicly, dissecting a variety of media, and possessing cultural capital.

Course Expectations

⇨ Students will give 100% effort

⇨ Students will trust the teacher and curriculum

⇨ Students will be on time and prepared

⇨ Students will respect each other and staff


Primary -

Tests, Essays, Projects

Secondary -

Quizzes and Short-Response Writings

Support -

Graded Classwork






At least 3 per marking period

At least 3 per marking period


Course Policies/Procedures

Required Materials 

  • GRHS issued chromebook
  • Pen or pencil
  • 2-pocket folder


Nothing is more important to me than providing you with all the help I can give you. That being said, it is important to reserve times for us to meet in the event extra help is necessary. Teachers are expected to attend meetings, cover classes, coach, advise, and maintain duties when they are not in their classroom. Therefore, I require at least a 24 hour notice when requesting to meet to ensure there are no scheduling conflicts.

The following times are most available with enough advanced notice:

Before or after school

3rd Period

During ‘C’ lunch

Classroom Behavioral Expectations/Consequences


(being on time)

Cell phones and other personal devices (unauthorized useage)

Respect and Consideration

(Student attitude in class)

  1. First two written infractions* will be warnings
  2. Third infraction will be a call/email home
  3. Fourth infraction will be an after-school detention with Mr. Steiger
  4. Fifth infraction will be an official write up and after-school detention

*Infractions will be reset each quarter


Perfect Attendance/Preparedness

(Students must have no absences or lates)

Primary Superlatives

(The best of the best)

Students of the Month

(Behavioral all-stars)

For the quarter - Certificate and social-media shoutout

Best grammar/punctuation -

Shirt and shoutout

Perfect Score - Shirt and shoutout

Best Effort -

Cert and shoutout

For the semester - Shirt and social-media shoutout

Most Appropriate Thesis - Shirt and shoutout

Best Analysis - Shirt and shoutout

Best Attitude -

Cert and Shoutout

For the year - Shirt, lunch, and social-media shoutout

Most Relevant Textual Evidence - Shirt and shoutout

Most Engaging Presentation - Shirt and shoutout

Most Improved -

Cert and Shoutout

Below, student and parent/guardian signatures are necessary to acknowledge that the above has been read and reviewed at home. By signing this sheet, you are recognizing the rules, policies, procedures, and expectations of this class and are agreeing to uphold and adhere to them for the entirety of your involvement throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

Parent/Guardian Signature:

Student Signature: