Keg Beer List

$95/180 for all kegs unless otherwise stated


La Boheme Czech Pilsner                 5.3%  24 IBU

Castillo Classic IPA                                 6.8% 65 IBU

High Council:

Bennett Sacramento Pale Ale                 5.4% 30 IBU

Ariana Blondé                                         4.6% 22 IBU

The Rabbit Hole French Saison         5.8% 25 IBU

The Spaniard Special Ale                         8%  33 IBU

La Luna Oat Stout on Nitro                 5.4% 31 IBU

Avenida Modern IPA                         7.2% 57 IBU

Ballesta No.7 Wild Hop IPA                6.7% 25 IBU

Sacred Ally Double IPA                         8.2% 90 IBU **

Maria Robust Porter                                7.1% 34 IBU

Coming Soon:

Catalina Red IPA                                5.4% 31 IBU

Ballesta No.8 Rotating-Hop IPA        7%  39 IBU

* Indicates beer is on tap but NOT available for keg sale

** Price Differs

On Tap

La Boheme Czech Pilsner 5.3%  24 IBU

An authentic Bohemian Pilsner made using high quality ingredients sourced from the Czech Republic such as the quintessential noble hop, Saaz, a true Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast and Bohemian Pilsner Malt. This golden-blond classic shows a restrained fermentation creating a full bodied complex maltiness, a slight honey-like sweetness and a soft, pleasantly spicy, herbal character that defines this style. “Be careful, you might just fall in love”

Tasting Notes:  slight honey-like sweetness - toasted cracker - wonderfully spicy, herbal, and floral hop aroma.

Castillo Classic IPA 6.8% 65 IBU

-Gold Medal winner in English IPA at the 2018 GABF, 2019 CA State Fair & 2016 California Cup-

A classic IPA showcasing the nuances and balance that put the IPA on the map. Made using the perfect combination of American & English Pale Malts for a gorgeous copper color & solid malt-backbone, finely balanced with floral, citrus and herbal hop aromas & flavor from a variety of "C" hops. "King of the Castle"

Tasting Notes: classic west coast style IPA - clear- hop resin - orange marmalade - malt backbone

Bennett Sacramento Pale Ale 5.4% 30 IBU

Named after the son of our head brewer, this California Pale Ale sums up everything that one could want in a pint. Made using an organic “Sacramento grown” Pale Malt from Admiral Maltings and Azacca & Simcoe hops.  This ale boasts a clean & crisp malt bill and tropical fruit notes of mango, papaya & citrus.  “This Baby is Beautiful”

Tasting Notes: Tropical and spicy -mango -clean and crisp -orchard fruit-fresh cut grass

Rabbit Hole, French Style Saison 5.8% 24 IBU

Our golden farmhouse ale is made using a rare French Saison yeast and Admiral Maltings locally grown Munich-style malted barley. With a drifting haze and moderate effervescence, the fruity esters of orange & lemon, spicy notes of clove & white pepper and aromas of graham cracker & honey play delightfully on the tongue. “Feed your head”

Tasting Notes: medium bitterness – malt sweetness and body - fruity phenols

Avenida San Diego Style IPA 7.2% 57 IBU

Our heavy hopped golden IPA shows mild bitterness and finishes clean and refreshingly dry. Using lots of El Dorado, Mosaic & Centennial hops for dry hopping and late kettle hop additions, we extract the tropical fruit and citrus flavors from the hops while limiting the bitterness. "Flavors so bright, you might just need shades"

Tasting Notes:  Light bodied - high alcohol IPA - tropical citrus flavors - pineapple and honeydew melon

The Nobility

- Seasonals-

 -⅙ bbL- $95     -½ bbL-$180-

Ballesta No. 7- Rotating Hop IPA 6.8% 55 IBU

“Ballesta” - Spanish for Crossbow and the symbol of our Castle, this is our “Rotating-Hop IPA”.  With the explosion in new hop growing and craft beer drinkers always looking for what’s new, this beer is our playground.  This version made with two wild new hops – Zappa, named after Frank Zappa, a neomexicanus breed found growing wild in the mountains of New Mexico & Ariana, one of the latest hops from Germany, developed from another wild hop.  We dare you to define the hop profile in this beer!

Tasting Notes:  Grapefruit, Passionfruit, Savory Herb & Wood with hints of Tobacco.

The Spaniard’s Special Ale 8% 33 IBU

Milestones, just as friendships, are worth pausing to recognize. This Special Ale is meant for just that occasion as we celebrate our 100th brew with a home brew recipe designed in 2012 by our Head Chef and Brewer. Deep and layered, this complex malt-forward ale gives us flavors of toasted grains and floral, caramelized sugars with just the right amount of noble hop spice and citrus.  

Tasting Notes: Robust Malt layering - Soft sweetness from layered specialty malts - Hop presence and balance - big aroma and smooth finish.

Three Fields Rice Grisette 4.8% 48 IBU

Our Grisette is a tart, refreshing, low alcohol Farmhouse Ale with origins from the mining regions along the border of France and Belgium.  Most believe that the name grisette, translated to mean “little gray” references the grey dresses of women passing out beers to thirsty miners. Made using three different types of rice - Puffed Jasmine, Toasted and a locally grown Calrose Rice to keep the body very light and hopped aggressively for a pungent hop bitterness.  

Tasting Notes: Fruity ester aroma - Tropical Coconut & Pineapple - low abv - Floral & Spice

Ariana Blondé Blonde Ale 5.2% 21 IBU

Get ready to step into song with our Ariana Blondé - our Ariana hopped, light bodied Blonde Ale with hints of citrus fruit, black currant and gooseberry paired with a honey crust finish.  “Want it all the time, need it every day - Never get enough, I can’t stay away” Thank u, next pint!

Tasting Notes:  Fruity with berry character of black currant and gooseberry- Citrus grapefruit with slight resinous and herbal tones- bready, honey crust

Sacred Ally Whole Cone Double IPA 8.2% 78 IBU

Hops, the sacred flower behind any delicious IPA. Showing strength, authority and rulership, our Sacred Ally is a Double IPA worthy of hop worship.  Using 20 lbs of whole cone Sultana hops late in the boil and a ton of Trident for heavy dry hopping, this reverent IPA boasts a tropical punch of Peach, Orange & Passionfruit flavors and aromas.  A DIPA worthy of spiritual respect & devotion- please bow your head to the cone-shaped flowers of the female hops plant known as Humulus lupulus.

Tasting Notes:  Orange, Passionfruit, Peach - Hop Spice with smooth malt finish -

Maria Robust Porter 7.1% 34 IBU

A modern version of the traditional porter that we named after the dark spots on the moon.  An aggressive, malty dark ale with complex flavors of dark roast & chocolate harmonized by big citrus profiles from generous additions of Simcoe and Amarillo hops. “Stars can’t shine without darkness”

Tasting Notes: Chocolate orange - dark roasted chocolate - noticeable hop spice

Coming Soon:

Ballesta No. 8- Rotating Hop IPA 7% 39 IBU

“Ballesta” - Spanish for Crossbow and the symbol of our Castle, this is our “Rotating-Hop IPA”.  With the explosion in new hop growing and craft beer drinkers always looking for what’s new, this beer is our playground.  This version is made with the addition of torrified wheat for an addition to malt-softness and heavy additions of Trident and Amarillo hops for a blast of citrus and tropical punch hop flavor and aroma. “Oh Yeah!”

Tasting Notes:  Grapefruit - Passion Fruit - Orange Juice - Peachy, Apricot aroma