Here are some tips to make AWRA Mid Atlantic Championship Series tech inspections as painless as possible.

The good news is that there were no changes in the rules for 2019, but as some of the classes being run in the series may not be familiar, here are some tips

Stock Cars - This is a builder's class and a lot of chassis mods are allowed, however, the body selection is limited. Please consult the rules before choosing a body. In general, the Champion and other "WOMP" bodies are not legal. The Stock Cars are a maximum 3" as opposed to the 3 1/4" allowed for most other classes. White lettered tires are required front and back, and a 3-D interior (NO paper) painted with a minimum of three colors. No offset or excessive slop allowed. Numbers are required on doors and roof, applied as on a NASCAR car.

Sportsman - The Sportsman cars are straightforward and simple, but please consult the rules to make sure your body is legal. Because of the space limitations on some Sportsman bodies, three numbers are not always possible. In cases of that kind, do as well as you can to follow the rule.

When choosing a body and other parts, always consult the rules to make sure that you will be legal on race day.

You can get the rules at these links.